How this Paranormal Author Celebrates Halloween!

It’s my favorite time of year, folks. And as you can imagine, my holiday is less than a week away! I’ve loved Halloween for as long as I can remember and since that melds nicely with my paranormal writing, it’s a win-win as far as I’m concerned.

In pre-pandemic world, I had a work party and a house party to celebrate. And of course a costume contest since creativity abounds. This year, I won’t be having parties, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t decorate my house! So this picture is my witches and cats themed mantle. What do you think? And yes, the cat on the mantle’s eyes are glowing, as are the cat eyes in the hanging decorations – hee, hee!

And I will be dressing up and walking around the neighbor on Halloween since I can’t NOT dress up. No worries – I’ll share my costume with you next week!

Whatever you do for your holiday, I hope it is full of laughter, sweets, and creative costume choices!


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