The Sentries Series

Dragon Kissed – Book 1 

Dragon Kissed reducedBuy or Free on Kindle Unlimited:   AMAZON 

Megan Campbell has a plan. Finish her master’s degree – check. Land the museum internship of her dreams – check. Let her hair down for just one night to celebrate with an amazing man – check, check, CHECK.

Not part of her plan? Having him ghost her after their night together – uncheck. Finding out she’s pregnant two months later – nope, nope, NOPE.

Time for a new plan. So Megan goes looking for Baby Daddy to tell him the truth. Until she sees him sprout wings, that is!

Because, plan or no plan, she never expected to raise a half-dragon baby. Or to fall for her baby’s father.

Can she trust her heart to lead her down the right path, or will she end up getting burned?



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