Award Winning Series!


Golden Heart® Winner – Paranormal Romance & PRISM Winner for Best First Book and Light Paranormal & Double RITA® Finalist for Best First Book and Paranormal Romance

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Sweeper Ebook Final (1) An angel, a demon, and a vampire walk into a bar. Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, but it’s just another day in the life of Kyle McKinley.

Kyle was born with the ability to erase memories—and the inability to keep her opinions to herself. She and her vampire and demon teammates provide supernatural damage control when humans see too much. Today’s problem? A sword-wielding angel and a demon had a supernatural smackdown during happy hour in a Cleveland bar, leaving behind a headless vampire and a dozen human witnesses.

This latest supernatural slipup is attracting all kinds of attention. So much attention that the police step in, and Kyle has to deal with Joe Dalton, a know-it-all human with the sexiest turquoise eyes she’s ever seen. Kyle doesn’t dare open her battered heart to him, but as the case escalates, they must join forces to solve a dangerous puzzle. And when they uncover the truth, the apocalyptic ripple effect forces Kyle to make a choice. Learn to trust again, or risk losing everyone she cares about, including Dalton.


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fledgling final ebook

Jean Luc Delacroix has lived for centuries as a vampire, but after his family was slaughtered, he locked his emotions away. Now he works with his demon partner, Misha, for the Bureau of Supernatural Relations. Their mission: keep humans from finding out about the supernatural. Not a simple thing to do with a supernatural serial killer on the loose, and a beautiful bounty hunter who keeps interfering with the investigation.

Talia Walker is a bounty hunter and a fledgling—a newly turned vampire. She has no idea what being a vampire truly means. Her job: find a murderer and bring him to justice. But she has never dealt with a supernatural criminal before…or an overbearing, ridiculously sexy vampire.

When Jean Luc and Talia butt heads over the investigation, only Misha can see that their animosity has more to do with attraction than anger. And unless Jean Luc and Talia can set aside their troubled pasts and learn to trust each other, they may never get to explore their true feelings. Especially when they come face-to-face with the killer.


PRISM Finalist for Light Paranormal, 2nd Place

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Shifter Final Ebook (1)

Why did the demon cross the road? Apparently to escape Kyle McKinley. Which is more than fine with her.

The last thing she wants is to be dragged into another supernatural crisis, but the Fates have something different in store for her. Trina, a young shifter girl she helped in the past, is being stalked, and Kyle will do whatever it takes to protect her.

The secretive shifters reluctantly agree to allow Kyle and her vampire and demon teammates to investigate. Are poachers trying to abduct Trina? But when others are also targeted, including Griffin, the enigmatic leader of the shifters, the team braces for a bloodbath.

Scrambling to identify the mysterious group bent on destroying the shifters, Kyle is also haunted by painful flashes of cryptic phrases and symbols from the prophesied Key of Knowledge. She tries to ignore them, but the more she ignores them, the more they dig their claws into her consciousness. If she can’t embrace the Key and ask for help from those closest to her, she could lose her sanity and fail to avert a shifter civil war.


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pursuit final ebook

Thirty years ago Jean Luc Delacroix believed he had found his mate in Talia Walker—until she walked out on him. While he’s honored her wish to be independent, he can’t forget her.

Talia learned everything she knows about love—and about being a vampire—from Jean Luc. But the memories of her forced turning and loss of humanity compelled her to strike out on her own to prove she could take care of herself.

When a killer vampire starts draining humans, Jean Luc and Talia must work together on the case. And when suspects are uncovered, their lives and the very foundation of the vampire nation are threatened. Will Jean Luc and Talia finally find the courage to follow their hearts? Or will the killer destroy them first?


Bookseller’s Best Award Winner & PRISM Award Light Paranormal, 2nd Place & Daphne du Maurier Finalist for Paranormal Mystery/Suspense

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Sentinel Ebook Final (1)

How many supernaturals does it take to screw in a lightbulb? For this particular case, way more than Kyle McKinley has backing her up.

When she stumbles upon a dark museum, missing artwork, and a dead security guard, Kyle and her team are thrust into a new mystery. One involving demons. But not your run-of-the-mill mill demons—realm demons. Tougher, scarier, and banned from earth, they are escaping the realm and wreaking havoc in Cleveland, Ohio, of all places.

Now the Feds have shown up, and Kyle has to deal with the one person she prayed she would never see again. Dalton. How can she conceal the truth of their past—which she erased from his memory—without jeopardizing the case? Especially when the Key of Knowledge is part of the mystery. The same Key that almost cost Dalton his sanity and is now threatening hers.

Kyle was just starting to get her life back together again with Griffin at her side, and now the Fates are forcing her to choose. But when a demon apocalypse looms on the horizon, her only choice is to embrace the Key to save the world, regardless of what it might cost her.


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Award Winning Series!

  • MIND SWEEPER – Golden Heart® Winner – Paranormal Romance
  • MIND SWEEPER – Double RITA® Finalist for Best First Book and Paranormal Romance
  • MIND SWEEPER  – PRISM Winner for Best First Book and Light Paranormal
  • SHIFTER WARS – PRISM Finalist for Light Paranormal
  • SENTINEL LOST – Bookseller’s Best Award Winner
  • SENTINEL LOST – PRISM Finalist for Light Paranormal
  • SENTINEL LOST – Daphne Finalist for Paranormal Mystery/Suspense