A Writer’s Option Overload

Last week I talked about the happy and sad of finishing a series. Now I'm gearing up to writing something new. The problem? Well...my brain has decided to give me way too many options. I already mentioned that I have been working on a possible new series, but I have a couple other ideas that... Continue Reading →

The Happy and Sad of Writing ‘The End’

I just finished reading through my last book in preparation for sending my two manuscripts to my proof editor. And if you didn't know this, as a writer there is something bittersweet about ending a book and a series. On the one hand, you are so exuberant about typing 'the end' and sharing the series... Continue Reading →

Edits Take Two

It's that time again. Second edits for my two demon books have hit my email. So now I have to dive into those redline edits and clean up my books. There is something so satisfying about reading through the manuscript for another time and finishing the line changes. Tweaking it and making sure it is... Continue Reading →

When You Least Expect It

Last week I waxed poetic on my blog about the wonder of spring and how the snow was behind us. Apparently Mother Nature read my blog and thought she would play an April's Fool joke on me. When I woke up on April 1st I was greeted with snow on the ground and blowing snow... Continue Reading →

Hints of Spring

I'm sure I'm not the only person to announce how so very happy I am that spring is finally here. It lightens my spirits that the snow and cold is behind us. I've been walking every day and enjoying signs of spring. First, the birds are back in town and they are making themselves heard!... Continue Reading →

Cover Me

As I work on my edits for books four and five in my realm demon series, my goal is to make them great on the inside. But I also need to think about what they look like on the outside too. Now that I'm adding two new books to the series I looked at my... Continue Reading →

Here’s To A New Beginning

Writing can be a rollercoaster. The excitement of going up that hill, sitting at the top, and then racing down again while bringing readers along with us is a wonderful experience. But what you might not realize is that we (the writer) have to ride that rollercoaster over and over again, laying the tracks out... Continue Reading →

My Ideas Runneth Over

Last year, I told myself that I couldn't think about a new series until I finished the demon books I was working on. It was like a reward for getting the job done. I did finish those books, and like I talked about in my last blog, I resurrected an idea and have started a... Continue Reading →

New Ideas Mean New Stories!

Last week I talked about sending off my two demon books to me editor for, well...editing. She will have my babies for 3 weeks. What am I going to do in the meantime? I'm glad you asked! I'm actually working on the beginning of a new series. I had an idea for something a couple... Continue Reading →

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