It’s just another day’s work at the Bureau of Supernatural Relations. Find out where it all began…

Freebie VersionForget Me

Nineteen-year-old Kyle McKinley is having a really bad day. She gets caught cheating a casino, her boyfriend abandons her, and—oh, yeah—apparently, vampires, demons, and other beasties actually exist. What’s a girl to do?

Accept a job offer with a paranormal shadow-type agency.

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Trust MeTrust Me

It’s been a year since Kyle McKinley realized that paranormals do, indeed, exist. A year of working with an overprotective vampire and demon. A year of using her ability to manipulate memories to help the good guys. Their newest case involves supernatural business owners being forced to pay protection money. What’s a girl to do?

Stop the extortionists by going undercover for the first time.

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Protect MeProtect Me
Kyle McKinley is turning twenty-one. She should be celebrating with cake and her first legal drink, but instead she must confront a deranged demon intent on killing her. A demon who collapses from a possible overdose. What’s a girl to do?

Put the supernatural drug dealers out of business.

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