Demons Are Forever

NRCA finalist

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Demons Are Forever – Book 3 in The Realm Series!


Accidentally on purpose…

Sergei Chesnokov is one lost demon.  Born an anomaly—a demon without powers—he has alienated himself from his family, instead traveling the world as a photographer, observing life from behind his camera lens.

Summoned to the demon realm by his grandmother, Sergei must face a family he hasn’t seen in years. He also meets Lela, whose energy is so strong that others siphon it from her to boost their powers, leaving her sick and vulnerable.  Sergei is the only demon she’s met who can’t hurt her. Feeling safe for the first time in her life, Lela accepts his friendship.

However Sergei quickly realizes friendship is not enough. And he’s finally found a purpose—protecting Lela from those who would harm her.  But what happens when he might be part of the problem…since he’s not as powerless as he first thought. Can he walk away from her to keep her safe?


National Readers Choice Award Finalist!


“I love AE Jones, and I’ve read everything she’s written so far. Her witty one liners are great. The story she tells is unique, and her description of both earth and the realm is spot on. The characters are just amazing, and I’ve enjoyed reading about them. ” – Julie, The Reading Cafe, November 2018