Crossing that Writing Finish Line

Two weeks ago, I posted a year end resolution about finishing a book I've been writing by December 31st. I knew it was a tall order, but I wanted to try. The funny thing is when I wrote that blog, I thought I had about ten to twelve thousand more words to go. Well, I've... Continue Reading →

Inspiration and Concentration – time to play together nicely…

I'll admit it - I'm a bit stuck right now with the story I've been working on. This past month has not been a productive one for me in the writing department. Now I have to remind myself that I did just release a book, but I'm getting that antsy feeling to write. The problem... Continue Reading →

Less Words is Not Less Work

I have been working away on my sixth and final paranormal wedding planner book. When I wrote book one, I thought it was a clever idea to start each chapter with a wedding tip. And it was, a clever idea that is. But then I got to book two and I put exercise tips at... Continue Reading →

When an Author Goes Stir Crazy

So this past week was hard for me. I'll admit it. Quarantine had final pushed my buttons, and I was feeling stir crazy. Maybe it had to do with the ridiculously cold and snowy (yes, snowy) weather we continue to have. Last time I checked, Mother Nature, it was May... Anyhoo, since I've been cooped... Continue Reading →

Writing True Conflict

The other day I was talking to one of my writer friends and we got on the subject of food (which shouldn't be too much of a shock to you). I asked her what her favorite ice cream was and said she doesn't like ice cream. And I was like what???? And then she told... Continue Reading →

Time To Clean House

At the end of every year I spend time cleaning out my house. I call it "the purge". I go through closets, and cupboards, and nooks and crannies to get rid of things that I really don't need anymore. And when I'm done, I have such a sense of accomplishment as it prepares me for... Continue Reading →

Decisions, Decisions…

Recently I posted a blog called Writer's Crossroads about deciding on what to write next. A month later I am still struggling with that decision. I'm not sure what my hold up is exactly. I have actually written the first couple pages of the sixth book in my paranormal wedding planner series which means that... Continue Reading →

Writer’s Crossroads

When an author writes "the end" to a story, it's an amazing feeling. But it also signals the author to gear up for what they are going to do next. If they are in the middle of a series and have obligations to finish that, then it isn't hard to make a decision to move... Continue Reading →

Proof Positive

My proofreading editor sent back FOR BETTER OR FOR WOLF to me today with the final proof edits. And as I go through them I think about all the steps that got me to this (somewhat) last edit. Brainstorming that started back in the prior book of the series so I could set up the... Continue Reading →

A Writer’s Vacation

So this past week I took a vacation. An actual, honest-to-goodness vacation that was not a writers' conference. I saw the ocean, scrunched my toes in the sand, ate ice cream on a daily basis, and spent quality time with two of my writer-besties, Miranda Liasson and Sandra Owens. We headed to the low country... Continue Reading →

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