Less Words is Not Less Work

I have been working away on my sixth and final paranormal wedding planner book. When I wrote book one, I thought it was a clever idea to start each chapter with a wedding tip. And it was, a clever idea that is. But then I got to book two and I put exercise tips at... Continue Reading →

When an Author Goes Stir Crazy

So this past week was hard for me. I'll admit it. Quarantine had final pushed my buttons, and I was feeling stir crazy. Maybe it had to do with the ridiculously cold and snowy (yes, snowy) weather we continue to have. Last time I checked, Mother Nature, it was May... Anyhoo, since I've been cooped... Continue Reading →

Writing True Conflict

The other day I was talking to one of my writer friends and we got on the subject of food (which shouldn't be too much of a shock to you). I asked her what her favorite ice cream was and said she doesn't like ice cream. And I was like what???? And then she told... Continue Reading →

Time To Clean House

At the end of every year I spend time cleaning out my house. I call it "the purge". I go through closets, and cupboards, and nooks and crannies to get rid of things that I really don't need anymore. And when I'm done, I have such a sense of accomplishment as it prepares me for... Continue Reading →

Decisions, Decisions…

Recently I posted a blog called Writer's Crossroads about deciding on what to write next. A month later I am still struggling with that decision. I'm not sure what my hold up is exactly. I have actually written the first couple pages of the sixth book in my paranormal wedding planner series which means that... Continue Reading →

Writer’s Crossroads

When an author writes "the end" to a story, it's an amazing feeling. But it also signals the author to gear up for what they are going to do next. If they are in the middle of a series and have obligations to finish that, then it isn't hard to make a decision to move... Continue Reading →

Proof Positive

My proofreading editor sent back FOR BETTER OR FOR WOLF to me today with the final proof edits. And as I go through them I think about all the steps that got me to this (somewhat) last edit. Brainstorming that started back in the prior book of the series so I could set up the... Continue Reading →

A Writer’s Vacation

So this past week I took a vacation. An actual, honest-to-goodness vacation that was not a writers' conference. I saw the ocean, scrunched my toes in the sand, ate ice cream on a daily basis, and spent quality time with two of my writer-besties, Miranda Liasson and Sandra Owens. We headed to the low country... Continue Reading →

Writing Style – Tortoise or the Hare?

Writing is an interesting job. It's part part project management, part marketing, part story-telling. The list goes on. And because of this, it takes creativity as well as mental and emotional strength to create an engaging story. And for me, sometimes writing can be compared to the tortoise and the hare. I am currently writing... Continue Reading →

Cake Usurper

There is something to be said about tradition, even when it comes to our birthdays. Growing up, I can remember getting my favorite treat for my birthday. For years, my favorite birthday treat was a mocha ice cream pie from a Friendly's Restaurant in the neighboring town. I can remember when they stopped making that... Continue Reading →

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