What’s A Writer to Do When Fall Isn’t Fall

A few weeks ago, I posted about how excited I was that fall was near. As you know by now if you follow my posts, I love the leaves changing color and the smell of autumn in the air. Well, in my part of the world, the leaves are not changing like they normally do. They are either falling off in their still green state, or the leaves are turning an ugly shade of brown and littering the ground instead of providing me with a glorious color palette.

What to do?

I’m a writer, which means I have an imagination, right?

I’ll just picture the rainbow of yellows, reds, and oranges decorating the trees and the ground. The crunch of said leaves under my feet and the warm fall sun hitting my face as I meander on a crisp fall day. Are you there with me? If I can get swept into another writer’s story in a different country or city or planet for that matter, I can imagine fall in Ohio the way I like to spend it.

Oh wait, now I’m smelling roasted marshmallows – yum. Can’t forget about the smell factor here too!

So this writer’s imagination is playing double duty right now for both my stories and my perfect fall day. Hope your imagination sends you on an adventure as well, even if it’s a simple stroll through the park.


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