Holiday Distractions for this Writer

Time is flying my friends. I swear, I was just wearing my Halloween costume and now Thanksgiving has come and gone. And I try really hard to enjoy my turkey and gravy before I let the speeding train known as the Christmas Holiday Season take over.

So now that I have sworn off cranberry sauce again for another twelve months, I pulled out my decorations and started, well, decorating. And (you guessed it) I have a theme.

I’m celebrating snowmen. Yep, you heard it here first. There is something so endearing about snowmen. They make me smile, and I’m still early enough in the season to still like snow. (All bets are off by February).

So I thought I would share my first attempt at decorating my mantle. I’m sure it won’t be my last since we just ventured into December, but you get to see it first.

And now that I’ve done some decorating, I can try to work on my writing…or at least that’s what I keep telling myself!

Adjusting my Back and my Philosophy – Author Style

Lately I’ve been having some minor back and neck pain, so I went to see a physical therapist to see how I can work on alleviating the pain. When she asked me what may be causing it, I explained that I work on a computer 8 hours a day at my day job and then come home at night and work on a computer writing my books. And she gave me the ‘well, duh’ look.

So every couple of hours I am doing exercises to make sure I help reduce the tension in my back and neck. My physical therapist has been showing me how interconnected things are in the body. That you have to introduce movement, and work on posture, and not let yourself stay in the same position for HOURS…

So a change of philosophy is in order. And I think this philosophy can be used for far more than back pain. I can apply it to my life, whether it has to do with my writing or just my way of thinking. I need to be willing to move, to rethink things, to try new ways of doing things so I don’t let ideas or stories atrophy.

And that is a big lesson to continue to work on, so join me in reworking your own ideas or way of doing things – I could use to company!


Binge Reading…Really

I confess, growing up I was a TV junkie. And now with cable, Prime, Netflix, etc, I could really binge on the numerous shows available. Interestingly enough, in the past few years, I have replaced my TV watching with book reading. Rabid book reading at times.

My new binge revolves around books not shows. Recently, I’ve been reading a Regency romance series and when I’m not reading that series, I’m reading a paranormal shifter romance series with lions, wolves, coyotes, and bears!

I can’t seem to get enough of either series at the moment, reading them both and grinning like a fool. I think it’s helping me rejuvenate my creativity. And as good as a TV show or movie is, there is nothing greater than our imagination. That’s why reading a book will always win out and why you hear people say over and over again that the book was better than the movie.

So I will keep reading my stories and looking for the next series to feed my reading and creativity.

I hope someday a reader will tell me my books are binge-worthy and they read them grinning like a fool. It would be the greatest of compliments!


Finding That Writer’s Spark Again

It’s been a busy couple months, my friends. Between working on a large project on my day job and releasing not one, but two books in my paranormal wedding planner series, I have not had any time to really start writing my next book.

And when it all comes down to it, the writing is the magical part for me. Let me rephrase that – it’s magical when it is flowing!

So how do I get that writing spark to ignite again? Brainstorming helps somewhat. Trying to think through some of what I want to have happen in the book. I am not a plotter, so I don’t outline my stories. But I do have some ideas of where I want it to go.

Since I have been struggling a bit, this weekend I decided to pull out my headset and try dictating my story for a while. It’s a different way to use my brain as part of the process and it seemed to work. Yay, team dictation!

Plus Girl Cat liked sitting on my lap instead of having to fight for space with the laptop!

So I’ll be donning my headset tonight and talking away to my laptop. We’ll see where it takes me. Hopefully further into McHenry’s story.

Before I sign off, I want to take a moment to thank both the Veterans and active duty military who have served or continue to serve. My thoughts, prayers, and thanks to you for all that you do.

Halloween Costume Time!

As promised, I am sharing my Halloween costume! This year, I decided to spend time in the Peanuts universe. And of course, Lucy was my obvious choice.

This pic shows Lucy getting ready to see patients. The skits with Lucy offering advice are some of my favorite parts of the TV shows.

There is something curmudgeonly about Lucy which makes her interesting to me. To me, good characters have multiple layers that need to be peeled back to reveal the real person underneath.

I have started working on the last book in my Wedding Planner Series which will feature McHenry, a perfect example of a blustering, grouch who has a soft inside. If only we get to see it (spoiler alert – you will!).

So now that Halloween is behind us, and my two new releases have come out, it’s time to dig into the story of my damaged demon and see where it takes me.

October – Costumes, Parties and New Releases!

For those of you who have read my blog before, you are well aware of my love for October and Halloween. This past week, I had not one, but two Halloween parties. Each had their own themes (yes, I am one of those people). My work luncheon party was a boo-tiful celebration of everything ghostly, from the prizes, to the sugar cookies, I channeled my inner Casper and shared it with my co-workers.

For my neighborhood party, it was a bloody good time, where bats and vampires were the theme. One of my favorite items of the night? A vampy cake! Check out how cute it is!

So what’s next for October, you ask? Well, Thursday I will be donning my costume for work. It’s a secret. No worries, I’ll share it with you next week once the big reveal has happened.

And to end out the month let’s talk books! I still have TO HAVE AND TO HOWL on sale for 99 cents. Grab by Halloween before the prices goes back up in November!

And…Much like my parties I have not just one, but two new releases in the wedding planner series that are available as well. Check them all out HERE

FOR WITCH OR FOR POORER Release Day! Celebrate with Me!

It’s release day! It’s release day! It’s release day! You’d think I would get tired of these, right? Nope. The whole reason I write is to get the stories that crowd my brain out into the world to share with you. There is something so special about bringing these characters to life.

FOR WITCH OR FOR POORER is the fifth book in my Wedding Planner Series. And in this story we spend time with resident geek and witch, Giz. But he has some secrets he’s hiding from his friends and that usually comes back to bite you, right?

And then there is Maeve. Such an interesting character. All my characters grow as part of their story, but she is special. If you read about her in FOR BETTER OR FOR WOLF I think you’ll be happy to see her get her happy ever after!

As usual I donned my kickbutt writer princess tiara to celebrate. This time I am sharing not one, but TWO pics with you. I thought it was appropriate since the cover has kitties on it. Check out my girl cat. She is looking quite regal…


Time for an Excerpt – For Witch or For Poorer

Hello, my friends. In two short weeks FOR WITCH OR FOR POORER, book 5 in my paranormal wedding planner series will release.

I’m excited about this book, because it centers around Giz, our tech wizard on the team who has some secrets of his own that he’s been keeping. I’m excited to share his story and happy-ever-after with you.

So to prepare for the upcoming release, I’m sharing an excerpt with you today. Are you ready?

FOR WITCH OR FOR POORER October 14th! Preorder: 

 AMAZON  | iBOOKS  |  B&N |   KOBO


Giz watched his teammates in amusement.  If anyone saw them now, they would question how the five of them worked for the Tribunal, keeping peace between the various supernatural factions as well as hiding their existence from humans.

They were an interesting bunch. Devin was an elf and their team leader. He had recruited Connor and Jack for the team. They were twin werewolves who had run the Elf Forest as children with wild abandon along with Devin. Devin had also recruited Charlie, a sea nymph and former SEAL for the team. Charlie then dragged Giz on the team after they served together in the Navy. Of course, Charlie was the kick-butt-and-take-names guy, and Giz the backroom tech guy on the SEAL team and, come to think of it, on this team, as well.

Today, Devin had brought the team together for a very important project. One they were failing quite spectacularly at.

“Connor, you’re putting it on backward!” Devin growled.

“No, I’m not. It has to slide up and down in the front.”

“Exactly. Try and slide it.”

Connor pulled on the wood slats and they wouldn’t budge. “Shit.”

“Where did the instructions go?” Jack asked.

“I can’t find them,” Devin said.

Charlie leaned his tall frame down into the large cardboard box, throwing Styrofoam out of the way. “Oh, for Fates sake. There has to be a set of instructions in here somewhere.”

Giz shook his head. How many supernatural did it take to put together a baby crib? Devin and his wife Alex were expecting their first child in a few short weeks. A baby the team and their mates were all anxious to meet. The fact he or she would be the first elf-faerie-human baby, just added more tension for the already nervous father. Not something Giz would be telling Devin anytime soon.

Charlie stood up with a booklet clutched in his hand. “Found it!”

Devin held up his hands as if giving a speech. “Guys, we can’t screw this up. When we bought the crib, Alex asked me if we needed to pay the extra money for assembly.”

“The correct answer should have been yes,” Charlie responded, his lips quirking up into a grin.

“Yeah,” Jack said. “And what’s this ‘we can’t screw this up’ business. It’s not our fault you insisted you could put this together.”

“Do you honestly think Alex is going to let me live this down? And by extension, do you think-” Devin looked at Charlie, “your wife, Sheila.” He turned to Jack, “or your wife, Julia,” and then Devin glared at Connor, “or your mate, Olivia, is going to cut you any slack?”

For once, Giz was relieved he didn’t have a mate. He chuckled and regretted it instantly when four sets of eyes narrowed on him.

“What are you laughing at?” Devin asked.

“Yeah,” Connor and Jack said at the same time.

Charlie waved the instructions at him. “Why don’t you use your magic and put this together, oh wise and powerful warlock?”

Giz’s humor seeped away at the words. He would not be using his magic to put together the crib. Time to deflect. “Do you think Alex would let you live down me using my magic? That’s cheating. Give me the instructions and I’ll tell you doofuses how to put it together the right way.”

They groaned, and he held out his hand until Charlie passed him the booklet. “Quit whining. We have to put the changing table together after this. I would like to finish before midnight.”

They grudgingly got to work after Giz scanned the instructions and had them sort the pieces into piles. Giz was good at schematics and code and all things tech-oriented. The crib started to take shape under his direction. There would be no magical intervention. And he wouldn’t be sharing why.

He barely used his magic now. He relied on it only when absolutely necessary for their job, and more so to detect magic and put a stop to it. He was closer to the four men in this room than anyone else, but he couldn’t bring himself to tell them the truth. Even though they all had their own set of innate powers, magic could be more of a problem than an easy solution.

He could attest to that.

Connor’s phone rang and he checked the screen. “It’s Sully.”

Giz reached for the legs Connor had been holding so Charlie could continue attaching the frame to them.

“What’s up?” Connor said. He listened for a moment and frowned.

Giz hoped nothing had happened with the pack. There had been enough upheaval recently, they didn’t need more drama.

“Yeah, Jack and I will come see you this afternoon,” Connor glanced at Giz. “He’s with me right now. Hold on, I’ll ask. Are you free this afternoon?”

Giz nodded.

“We’ll see you at three.”

“What did Sullivan want?” Jack asked.

“The new head of pack security is putting in some updated security measures. He would like Giz to review them with him.”

“Is there a new threat he’s worried about?” Devin asked.

Connor put his phone back in his pocket. “Nothing specific he said over the phone, but if there is, Jack and I can get it out of him this afternoon.”

Giz didn’t like the nervous ripples running down his spine. His grandmother used to call it his witch sense. He didn’t ignore it since it usually meant something important was going to happen – good or bad – he didn’t know, but what he did know was it couldn’t be ignored.


So what do you think? Is Giz going to end up in trouble???

Release Week in Review

It’s hard to believe FOR BETTER OR FOR WOLF released a week ago. I’ve loved sharing the teasers with you and hearing from readers who are enjoying Connor and Olivia’s story.

Connor is a twin and when I wrote his brother Jack’s story, Connor played front and center in that story and his character spoke to me. When I wrote ‘the end’ to Jack’s story. I knew without a doubt that Connor would be next.

But who would I pair him up with? His polar opposite, of course. And it came to me like a thunderbolt when I was writing a poignant scene with Dr. Jennings, the psychiatrist who had been a secondary character up to this point. She seemed so put together. What if I delved into her life more? Why did she become a psychiatrist? And how in the world would she work with perpetual playboy Connor?

You’ll have to read the book to find out 🙂

I’ll share one more teaser with you to celebrate.

Next week, we’re going to talk about the book 5, which will be out on October 14th! Yay!!!!