Lights, Camera, Action: Protect Me

PROTECT ME, my third Mind Sweeper flashback story will release in a week! So it’t time for a new book trailer! Yep, I’m a bit addicted to these little video snippets that delve into the stories I write.

Less than a minute to tell you about the story. Not an easy task sometimes, but I’m up for the challenge!

So check out the video below, or by clicking HERE.

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Alternate Reality


I live in Ohio and you’ve heard me talk about the crazy weather we have here on more than one occasion. This past week was a perfect example of said craziness. On Friday, it snowed. Where I lived we got about three inches, although some areas of Ohio got double-digit snow. By Sunday it was 70 degrees.

People were outside in shorts and flip-flops and there was still snow on the ground. It kind of blows your mind when stuff like that happens, it’s as if the shift in reality happens too quickly and it takes awhile to catch up.

For me, writing can be a mind-blowing experience as well. When my writing is flowing, I’m in that world standing alongside my characters. Sometimes, I’m inside my characters’ bodies, feeling what they’re feeling and living through them. So imagine when it is time to pull out of that world?

Yep, reality shift multiplied by a thousand! And that doesn’t even take into account the fact that I write about paranormal!



Writer’s Recycling Guide

conservation-429700_640Did I get your attention with the blog title, my friends? Good. Let me explain. I have been having trouble writing the third book in my wedding planner series. I already told you that I reworked the beginning chapters several times and made the book better, however, I still was stalling out as I moved further into the story. Frustration ensued – big time. Until I realized something.

I was writing the wrong book.

Yep. I had a story line in this book which really didn’t belong there. So I stripped it out and increased the amperage of the other story line which was truly the crux for both the hero and heroine.

Changing the book, meant cutting scenes and most authors hate to cut things. But when I came to the revelation that I was writing the wrong book, I also realized that the story line I had to cut really belong in the NEXT book of the series! So those scenes will be tweaked and used again.

My idea of recycling – author style!

Trust Me Release Day!

It’s here, it’s here! TRUST ME, the second flashback story is leaving the nest today and is available for you all to read. Yay! I love release days. For one thing, I get to share more about Kyle and the gang with you and second, I get to wear my release day tiara! Who wouldn’t love that?

20170327_203124This story is about Kyle going undercover for the first time. She also meets a character that plays a large role in the Mind Sweeper Series. And no, I’m not going to tell you who it is here. You’ll just have to wait and see.

I am having a blast with these prequel stories. It allowed me to delve into the past and bring you along for the ride.

Hope you enjoy the newest story in the Mind Sweeper universe!

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I should have been a movie director…book trailer time!

In celebration of TRUST ME’s release tomorrow, I have a new book trailer for you! There is something so cool about a book trailer. I think of a trailer as the video version of poetry – stay with me now as I explain…

Most poems convey a story in a short amount of words. A trailer should convey the crux of the story in moments.

I love combining pictures, words, and music to convey not only the story, but the mood as well. So fun to jump into. Sometimes I wonder if I should have been a movie director.

So here you go without further delay! Check it out below or click HERE

Do you Trust Me?

girl-1275656_640Next week is the release of my second flashback story, Trust Me. This is another story about a young Kyle McKinley who is spreading her wings so to speak as she works for the Bureau of Supernatural Relations. This go around, she heads undercover for the first time, and in usual Kyle fashion she does it her own way.

But the theme for this story and honestly the crux of most of my stories is the idea of trust and how that can impact your relationships or lack thereof.

Most of the heroines (and sometimes heroes) of my stories come from a past where their ability to trust or be trusted has been damaged. There is something fundamental to the idea of letting someone close enough to you that you truly trust them. So it seemed appropriate for me to title this story Trust Me.

Ultimately in a romance part of the journey is bringing the couple together so that they find a way to trust each other and then love follows. But I also think trust permeates all relationships. For Kyle, in these early stories, it’s a love journey, but not of the romantic variety. It is a building of her relationship with her teammates and finding her own confidence in the process.

It’s a fun little story that releases on the 28th. You’ll like it, trust me on this.

Okay, I couldn’t help myself on that last line…too much? 🙂

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A New Beginning

road-368719_640For most of us, the idea of a new beginning is uplifting and refreshing. I mean, who doesn’t want to be able to start again? I’ll give you a little hint…


One of the hardest things an author writes is the beginning of a story. The cursor blinks on a blank page and you have to type words, and not just any words. Words that tell an engaging story right off the bat with characters that you want to love in a world that the reader wants to spend time in. Not an easy task.

What is even worse than writing the beginning? Re-writing the beginning. Yep, you write the first chapter and as the story unfolds you go back and read it again and then you think…huh, maybe that beginning isn’t strong enough.

And you begin at the beginning AGAIN.

That’s what I’ve been doing with the wedding planner book I’ve been working on. I realized (with the help of a writer-friend) that while there are some gems in those early scenes, they’re gems that would be better used later in the book.

So I’m sitting in front of my blank page, cursor blinking and I’m introducing my characters in a new way. And I’ll keep doing that until I get it right. That’s what authors do.