My Manuscript is Heading Off to School

So I sent off my draft manuscript to my editor for a developmental read. In some respects, I think of this version of the manuscript like a preschool child heading to school for the first time to learn the fundamentals. My editor will read the book and look for big picture issues with plot, character,... Continue Reading →

I’ve Written “The End” but it’s Far From Over

I am so very excited to announce I wrote "The End" to my sixth and final paranormal wedding planner book, Till Demon Do Us Part! Yahoo! The funny thing is, that for a writer, the end isn't the end. You see, I have beta readers reading it and then it will go to my editor... Continue Reading →

Less Words is Not Less Work

I have been working away on my sixth and final paranormal wedding planner book. When I wrote book one, I thought it was a clever idea to start each chapter with a wedding tip. And it was, a clever idea that is. But then I got to book two and I put exercise tips at... Continue Reading →

Writing is Like a Puzzle – Who Knew?

As a writer there are times when the words come easily and many more times where the words are harder to form. In some regards, writing is like a puzzle. Some pieces snap together quickly while others you try to put into multiple places only sigh when they don't snap together. Case in point. I... Continue Reading →

A Writer’s New Casual Dress Code

I've been working from home for over two months now. The first week I was home, I actually dressed in my work clothes and sat in my home office and worked. I thought it would keep me focused on my job. After that? Well, I decided it was too much work and I stayed in... Continue Reading →

When an Author Goes Stir Crazy

So this past week was hard for me. I'll admit it. Quarantine had final pushed my buttons, and I was feeling stir crazy. Maybe it had to do with the ridiculously cold and snowy (yes, snowy) weather we continue to have. Last time I checked, Mother Nature, it was May... Anyhoo, since I've been cooped... Continue Reading →

A Writer Living with Rotten Cats

Rotten cats - yep, you heard me right. Now that I'm in my house twenty-four seven, my cats have decided that this is the way it should be from now on. They expect to be petted - while sitting on my lap of course. Brushed with these cool gloves I bought a while back -... Continue Reading →

A Bunny for Your Thoughts

On Sunday I decided to celebrate my own kind of Easter or welcoming of spring. Why not? We're living in a new normal right now, so I wanted to find a way to smile and hopefully make others smile too. So when I went out for my walk, I donned a pair of pink bunny... Continue Reading →

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