Snippets of Emotion


I don’t have time to watch much TV anymore. Between my day job and my writing, watching TV is a luxury. However tonight I had a show on as I was working on my computer. When a commercial came on, I would mute the TV. But then for some reason I started to watch the commercials without the sound and I was fascinated.

If you throw out the wacky ones (and lets be honest, there are quite a few of those) and you concentrate on the commercials that tell a story, you can get hooked. And the more I started to examine the “good” ones, the more I realized that they resonated with me. They told stories of love and family. They were snippets of emotion that pulled you in and held onto you for the thirty or sixty seconds.

For writers, I think that our scenes are snippets of emotion. The good ones are remembered and talked about because they elicit emotions. We become part of the scene and the character’s laughter and tears become ours as well. Because that’s what a good scene does – it evokes something from the reader (and the writer).


A Cat’s Life


If you’ve read my work, you know that I usually have cats in my stories. Some play secondary parts and some…not so secondary. I have always had a fascination with cats. I think it’s because in some respects I’m jealous of them.

I imagine what it would be like to be a cat…

  • I can lay down wherever and whenever I want (just plop down and squeeze my eyes shut)
  • I can ignore you (or pretend to ignore you) when I don’t like what you’re saying
  • I can be haughty when I want to be
  • I can be affectionate when I want to be
  • I can have people offer excuses for me…”I don’t know what to say other than cats don’t listen”
  • I can get away with attitude or what I like to call cattitude
  • I can have someone take care of me while I lounge around
  • I can do yoga stretches like a yogi master
  • I can jump the equivalent of a three story building in a single bound (look out Superman)
  • I can meow until I get my way

Yep, a cat’s life is pretty sweet. Plus cats are all about personality. Maybe that’s why I’m so attracted to them. It’s like having a built in character study with fur in your own living room. And writers are all about good characters.

So tonight, I’m going to pat my two kitties on the head and thank them for inspiring me…maybe they’ll appreciate it, or then again, maybe they won’t. With cats it’s all about mood.

Who is my Audience?

grandstand-330930_640Lately, I’ve been spending time thinking about my readers. As a writer, that is something I should do more often than not, because as I write my stories, I have to like what I create for myself, but I also need to write something that I hope my readers like as well. If I don’t, no one will read my stories and that is a writer’s biggest fear. Or it’s my fear, anyway.

When I look at my novels, I think about what comes into play and ultimately what my audience likes to read. My stories have humor, mystery, romance, and sarcasm, mashed together in a supernatural blender.

But ultimately the books circle around a recurring theme. My characters are on a search for self. Their journey includes various challenges, but the crux is about gaining confidence in yourself in order to trust the people. Without trust there is no chance for relationships or love.

Which means my audience likes funny, angsty, challenging mysteries with heart and growth. You guys are pretty sophisticated!!

So there is a little bit of everything in my stories. If you’re a current reader, thank you for your amazing support. If you’re new to my books and are considering joining audience AE then I just want to say…

Welcome and enjoy the show!


Break Time

beach-1868047_640.jpgIn the past three months I have released three flashback stories in my Mind Sweeper series. And while it has been a blast, I need to step back and work on my next project. But I also need to take a break as well.

Even though I think of myself as the Energizer Bunny sometimes, I have to remember that I can’t go non-stop without falling over and running out of batteries 🙂

And while running full tilt can impact my body, it can also impact my writing as well. So I am going to take a bit of a break. While I won’t be physically heading to a tropical paradise as shown in the pic included, that doesn’t mean I won’t be heading there in my mind. Writers can do that, you know. We live in another world in our brains as we write, why not when we take vacation too!

For me, relaxation often means new ideas, and/or fixing stalled stories. An added bonus! So sit back with me, kick your feet up, and take a deep breath.

If I deserve a break, you do too!

Protect Me Release Day!

Yay! Release day is here for PROTECT ME! These prequels have been a labor of love. It has been so fun to write these stories and that is due to the secret I’m going to share with you…

Our characters become our friends.

It’s true. If they are good characters, they become three-dimensional. And my Mind Sweeper characters are very real to me. I can almost touch them at times.

So spending time with them is a pleasure. That’s what these flashback stories let me do. I got to go back and see how this unconventional group of people became a family. How can that not be a joy to write?

And no worries…I have attached my release day tiara picture below. You were wondering if I’d forgotten, but I have your back!

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Protect Me: Body, Heart & Soul

heart-2095454_640Tomorrow the third story in my prequel trilogy releases. Hard to believe, right? PROTECT ME is all about gaining confidence. Kyle, the heroine of the Mind Sweeper stories is a pro at protecting her heart. So much so, that she doesn’t let many people close to her.

With this story, Kyle’s confidence is shaken. She must learn to protect herself and also let others close to her as well. A big accomplishment to make for someone who has been hurt in the past for sharing herself with others.

This story was fun to write because I introduced Dr. Sabrina Miller for the first time. Needless to say, it is not BFF at first sight for the two women. I hope you like this story as much as I enjoyed writing it. Kyle is a special character to me, so spending more time with her has been amazing. And seeing what happened in her past which is what shaped her future…priceless!

Lights, Camera, Action: Protect Me

PROTECT ME, my third Mind Sweeper flashback story will release in a week! So it’t time for a new book trailer! Yep, I’m a bit addicted to these little video snippets that delve into the stories I write.

Less than a minute to tell you about the story. Not an easy task sometimes, but I’m up for the challenge!

So check out the video below, or by clicking HERE.

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