Till Demon Do Us Part Release Day!

Yay! I wondered if this day would ever happen, but it's finally here! The sixth and final book in my paranormal wedding planner series is out in the world! I'm so happy to share McHenry and Darcinda's story with you. Of course, release day means my kickbutt princess tiara picture. Check it out! Did you... Continue Reading →

Holiday Homestretch

December 23rd is here which means we are heading toward the end of the month which also means it's the homestretch for the holidays. Thank goodness. A couple weeks ago, I shared with you my holiday theme this year and even though I have also been posting ornaments from my writer tree on Facebook, Twitter... Continue Reading →

Kickbutt Writer Princess Comes to Life!

For those of you have been following me, you know that when I release books, I take a picture with my newest release and my tiara. Why? Because it represents my kickbutt writer princess persona. So I thought it would be cool to have Melissa Stevens, my amazingly talented cover artist, create me as -... Continue Reading →

Spring has Sprung! Time for a Book Sale!

Spring is finally, FINALLY in the air where I live. And I want to celebrate. How does an author celebrate sunshine, green grass, and flowers? With a book sale, of course! And what better book to put on sale than FROM THIS FAE FORWARD. I mean, look at the cover below - it screams spring!... Continue Reading →

Finding Valentine’s (Every) Day

It's hard to believe that Valentine's Day is upon us once again. As a romance writer, in many ways it symbolizes the genre wholeheartedly and I feel like I should pay homage to it. But I would argue that romances give us the chance to celebrate love every day of the year. I have had... Continue Reading →

Release Day: Demons Are Forever

Book Three in The Realm trilogy is heading out into the world today! As usual, I am sharing my release day kickbutt writer princess picture with you! Tah, dah! I am so excited to share Sergei's story with you. Both Misha and Aleksei are larger than life and I love their personalities (and don't worry,... Continue Reading →

Little Things Mean A Lot

Last week I talked about how much I love the holidays, and I do. But the holidays also can be overwhelming too. So much to do, so little time...and that's why we need to celebrate the simple things in life. So what are these simple things? For me, the simple things so far this season... Continue Reading →

Tonight We Dance!

The following words make me so, so happy... I finished the first draft of my novel! I finished the first draft of my novel! Yep, I had to say it twice because it makes me so excited. I actually did a little happy dance when I typed the last words. My hero and heroine's story... Continue Reading →

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