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Shifter Final Ebook (1)Shifter Wars (Mind Sweeper Series Book Three)

Why did the demon cross the road? Apparently to escape Kyle McKinley. Which is more than fine with her.

The last thing she wants is to be dragged into another supernatural crisis, but the Fates have something different in store for her. Trina, a young shifter girl she helped in the past, is being stalked, and Kyle will do whatever it takes to protect her.

The secretive shifters reluctantly agree to allow Kyle and her vampire and demon teammates to investigate. Are poachers trying to abduct Trina? But when others are also targeted, including Griffin, the enigmatic leader of the shifters, the team braces for a bloodbath.

Scrambling to identify the mysterious group bent on destroying the shifters, Kyle is also haunted by painful flashes of cryptic phrases and symbols from the prophesied Key of Knowledge. She tries to ignore them, but the more she ignores them, the more they dig their claws into her consciousness. If she can’t embrace the Key and ask for help from those closest to her, she could lose her sanity and fail to avert a shifter civil war.


PRISM Award 2nd Place Finalist in Light Paranormal