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When missions go awry…

Misha Sokolov is one frustrated demon. While his professional life with the Bureau of Supernatural Relations is rewarding, his personal life is woefully lacking. His teammates Kyle and Jean Luc have found their mates (with his help, he might add). Was it too much to ask for his happy ever after?

When Misha finally meets an amazing demon female who could be THE ONE, Fate conspires against him. With the escalating tensions between the earth and realm demons, and his newest case involving supernatural seven-year-old twins, he’s too busy for romance.

Callie, a human female, can’t seem to convince her half-demon sons that using their powers in front of humans is a bad thing. The more time Misha spends with her, the more he realizes she’s keeping secrets. When these secrets jeopardize both her and her sons, Misha will stop at nothing to keep them safe. Because instead of conspiring against him, Fate may have put a spunky, green-eyed woman and her incorrigible (precocious?) sons in his path for a reason.


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The best laid plans…

Aleksei Chesnokov is one busy demon. Between leading the immigration team to bring realm demons to earth and preparing to one day succeed his father as clan leader, his priorities and current project plans do not include finding a mate.

When his clan is attacked by the very demons he’s trying to help, Aleksei must enlist the help of Naya, the leader of the realm guard. A strong, determined, frustrating female, she challenges his decisions and acts before she thinks.

As they work together to stop an impending war, Aleksei is drawn to Naya and the world she protects. When she’s taken hostage, Aleksei will move earth and the realm to save her. Because with all his agendas, checklists, and timelines, the one thing Aleksei never planned to do was fall in love.


National Readers’ Choice Award Finalist!

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Accidentally on purpose…

Sergei Chesnokov is one lost demon.  Born an anomaly—a demon without powers—he has alienated himself from his family, instead traveling the world as a photographer, observing life from behind his camera lens.

Summoned to the demon realm by his grandmother, Sergei must face a family he hasn’t seen in years. He also meets Lela, whose energy is so strong that others siphon it from her to boost their powers, leaving her sick and vulnerable.  Sergei is the only demon she’s met who can’t hurt her. Feeling safe for the first time in her life, Lela accepts his friendship.

However Sergei quickly realizes friendship is not enough. And he’s finally found a purpose—protecting Lela from those who would harm her.  But what happens when he might be part of the problem…since he’s not as powerless as he first thought. Can he walk away from her to keep her safe?


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Home is where the demon heart is…

Marrick is one serious demon. As the leader of the realm guard, he’s spent his life protecting the world from banished demons. Now he’s helping those same demons travel to earth to start over again.

On a visit to earth, he meets nurse Sam, a demon female who wears her heart on her sleeve. An empath, Marrick keeps his own emotions buried away.  But the more time he spends with Sam, the more he wonders if he can open his own heart and start over as well.

Until someone sabotages the realm portal to stop the demon immigration, injuring Marrick in the process. When Sam steps up to help him, they both end up trapped in the realm.

Marrick vows to get Sam home again. Can he keep his promise, even if it means sacrificing his heart and life in the process?


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A second chance at love – demon style…

Boris Chesnokov is one responsible demon. Leader of one of the most powerful demon clans on earth, he puts his family and clan above his own happiness. After losing the love of his life centuries ago, Boris doesn’t believe he will find love again

Love, no. Frustration, yes—in the form of a demon female who invades his compound and puts him in his place. Gwen Taylor might be small in stature, but she is big in attitude, and for once in his very long life, Boris doesn’t know how to handle that. Especially when his mother hires Gwen to help with clan business.

Now he’s spending every day with this exasperating female, and he can’t get her out of his mind. Even worse, he’s beginning to feel again. But when enemies from both their pasts resurface, can Boris and Gwen work together to protect their clan and family? And in the process open their hearts to a second chance at love?