Demons In The Rough

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Demons In The Rough – Book 4 in The Realm Series!

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Home is where the demon heart is…

Marrick is one serious demon. As the leader of the realm guard, he’s spent his life protecting the world from banished demons. Now he’s helping those same demons travel to earth to start over again.

On a visit to earth, he meets nurse Sam, a demon female who wears her heart on her sleeve. An empath, Marrick keeps his own emotions buried away.  But the more time he spends with Sam, the more he wonders if he can open his own heart and start over as well.

Until someone sabotages the realm portal to stop the demon immigration, injuring Marrick in the process. When Sam steps up to help him, they both end up trapped in the realm.

Marrick vows to get Sam home again. Can he keep his promise, even if it means sacrificing his heart and life in the process?

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