Halloween Treats (Excerpt) Coming Your Way!

Last week, I celebrated Halloween with parties and costumes! This year, I dressed up as a Minion. What do you think?

I got a kick out of it and the costume was like wearing a warm hug all day long.

I also bought something appropriate for celebrating the Halloween season. In the past, I have had trouble not buying Halloween decorations. This year I controlled myself (for the most part) until I saw this pillow.

Now how could I walk away from that? I am the Queen of Halloween – self appointed – but still true.


And as the Queen of Halloween, I am giving you a treat today (better than a trick, I think).

Attached below is an excerpt from DEMONS ARE FOREVER, the third book in my Realm Trilogy that releases one week from today on the 12th!

Chapter 1

Sergei Chesnokov was a demon without purpose. A pathetic admission, especially for someone two hundred forty-five years old, but true nonetheless.

The bell sounded, announcing that the plane had taxied to the gate and passengers could leave their seats, and the people around him leapt into action. Always the same–everyone trying to wrestle with bags that were too big and should never have been in the overhead to begin with, then jockeying for position to rush off the plane to their newest adventure, only to have to wait for their connecting flight or ride.

Sergei used to be like them, traveling throughout the world for the past century to experience everything it had to offer, and using his camera to capture it. So much anticipation. Hell, he had been one of the first to cross the ocean on a commercial flight. There was something about being the first that appealed to him. Maybe being the third son played into it. Growing up, he had never been the first to do anything…except disappoint his father.

“Is everything okay, sir?”

The plane was empty, the flight attendant looking at him with concern. “Yes. I’m fine. I’m not in a rush, so I decided to let everyone else get off first.”

She smiled. “It is a bit crazy, isn’t it?”

Sergei pulled his backpack out from under the seat in front of him and stood. “Yes.” He grabbed his appropriately-sized duffel from the overhead as well.

She walked with him to the front of the plane. “Is Chicago your home?”

Chicago. He’d forgotten where he was for a moment. Nonstop traveling did that. “No. I’m not home. Have a good day.”

The teeming crowd of people had him stopping in the middle of the terminal to get his bearings. He hadn’t been in the States for a while now, and it always took a few days to acclimate to the craziness. Next step was to grab something to eat and then figure out where he wanted to go next.

Sergei pulled his phone out and switched out of airplane mode. In seconds, it beeped, telling him he had a voice mail. He frowned at the name—Irina, his grandmother. She insisted that he call her on Sundays if he was in an area that actually had cell phone service.

The call came in an hour ago – five pm on a Tuesday. His stomach twisted. Something had to be wrong.

Sergei hurried over to the wall, dropped his duffel at his feet, hit play, and listened.

“Sergei, you need to come home. Aleksei is in grave danger. Call the following number and talk to Kyle. She’ll pick you up at the airport and explain everything. Please, Grandson. Your family needs you.”

Sergei’s chest tightened. What kind of message was that? What had happened to his brother?

He called his grandmother’s cell, but it went to voice mail. Then he listened to her message again and wrote down the number for this Kyle person before rushing to the ticket counter. Luckily only one person stood in front of him. He studied the flight screens while he waited. A flight to Cleveland left in less than an hour. Stepping up to the counter, he booked a seat on the plane even though the ticket agent said he would have to run to make it.

Ticket in hand, he ran toward the gate and yelled for them to stop before they closed the door. He clambered onto the plane, stuffed his duffel into an overhead, and dialed the number his grandmother had given him. The person answered on the second ring.



“Irina gave me your number before she left. Where are you?”

“I’m in Chicago, and just got on a plane for Cleveland, so I should be there in an hour.”

“Good. I’ll be at arrivals waiting for you. I’ll be in a black van.”

“What’s going on, Kyle? Where’s my grandmother?”

“Your family is trying to help Aleksei.”

Sergei let out a breath at the use of present tense. “So he’s not dead.”

“No. I’ll explain everything to you as soon as I can, but it would be better to do it in person.”

Sergei gripped the phone tighter and opened his mouth to argue.

A flight attendant stopped beside him. “I’m sorry, sir. You’ll have to turn off your phone now.”

“I’ll call you when I land, Kyle.” Sergei hung up the phone and flipped it into airplane mode as the plane taxied down the runway.

He leaned against the headrest and rubbed his hands on his jeans.

“Are you okay, son?”

He hadn’t been paying attention to anyone when he boarded, and he turned to look at the older human female next to him who’d made the comment.

“I’m fine.”

“Are you afraid to fly?”

He shook his head. “No.”

“Are you traveling for work?”

He wanted to ignore her questions, but he had been taught to respect elders, even though he was older than she was by at least a hundred years. “I’m visiting my family.”

“Ah. Families are both wonderful and stressful. I hope your trip home is a happy one.” She picked up the book in her lap and thankfully began to read.

Home. He didn’t have a real home anymore. And now the family he had for all intents and purposes abandoned was in trouble. His grandmother had been telling him for a while now to come home, but he always made excuses. Now he didn’t know what awaited him.

He hadn’t spoken to either of his brothers in a long time. He had little in common with his older brother, Misha, and the last conversation he had with Aleksei had ended in an argument. What if those were the last words they would ever speak to each other?

Sergei ran his hands over his face. He had a lot to make up for. He just hoped he wasn’t too late.

So did that entice you??? The Queen of Halloween hopes so!

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Halloween – Come Party With Me!

In two short days my favorite holiday will be upon us! Halloween. Are you shocked? I wouldn’t think so since I spend a large amount of time with supernatural – in my head of course…

Last week, I had a Halloween celebration for my co-workers. We had yummy food and a blood-thirsty game of Halloween bingo where prizes were won. This past weekend, I had my annual party where my neighbors come decked out in Halloween outfits hoping for a coveted trophy. This year’s trophies were of the “liquid-variety” making them all the more special!

And my party always has a theme. Can you tell from the picture what this year’s was about?

Witches! Which is funny considering my fall is all about demons 🙂 (sexy, brooding, demon brothers that is).

Let’s face it, my stories are Halloween come to life, right? I get to celebrate my favorite holiday all the time. With my Realm trilogy releasing in September, October, and November, I get to celebrate for three months straight!

So feel free to join the celebration. If you haven’t figured it out yet, this writer likes to PAR-TAAY.

Over the next week, I’ll be sharing a fun chance for you to win books and learn about other paranormal and sci-fi writers too. I guess, I’m not the only one who knows how to have fun!

And of course, my Halloween costume will be on display for you as well. Stay tuned!



A Paranormal Writer’s Halloween

Yes, I know. I didn’t write my Monday blog yesterday. But since Halloween was today, I decided to hold off until one of my FAVORITE days. As many of you who have been following me for awhile know, I am in love with Halloween. Costumes, parties, decorations…you name it…and I’m doing it.

Each year I dress up for work and keep it a secret until the day. My coworkers pester me for weeks, hoping I’ll slip up and give them some sort of hint. But no dice. I like to build the anticipation. Kind of like with my stories!

Is it any wonder I write paranormal? Halloween is about escape and childhood and memories of a wonderful time. I think it’s worth the trip, don’t you?

Let me know what you think about this year’s costume. Marge Simpson was a hoot for me to wear, especially the wig!

Release Week Recap!


It’s hard to believe an entire week has passed since the release of FROM THIS FAE FORWARD, book 2 in my wedding planner series. But this past week was Biz-Z!

First Halloween had to be celebrated! Had to be, because it’s my favorite after all. My Bride of Frankenstein costume won first place at work! How cool is that? It all came down to the wig, it was a diva wig and decided it wanted to win.

Then there were promos and social media and fun to be had. And while this was going on, I was watching the World Series. I live in Northeast OH and so fingers were crossed and late nights were spent watching and hoping the Indians would win. Sadly that wasn’t the case, but if we had to lose, I’m glad it was to the Cubs.

This weekend was PERFECT fall weather where I live. The leaves were falling and the weather was warm enough to be outside! So on Sunday, I actually sat outside and wrote. Not something I can often do in November.

I also prepared for a talk I am doing next Saturday for the Indie Author Conference and Showcase. I will be presenting “Indie Does Not Mean Doing it Alone.” If you’re interested in learning more about Indie Publishing, check out the Cuyahoga County Public Library Events calendar HERE.

Now what are my next writing plans you ask? Well, I am working on some Mind Sweeper short stories. Fun flashback stories about Kyle and how she first learns about paranormal and meets Misha and Jean Luc. Little treats that can be read as compliment stories to my Mind Sweeper series. Those should hopefully come out early in the new year. Then I will be moving on to the third book in my wedding planner series.

See what I mean? Biz-Z. The fun never ends in booklandia. So stay tuned!

Celebrate Release Day and Halloween With Me!

I am so excited for release day! This time, it is doubly awesome because I am releasing on Halloween, my FAVORITE holiday! When I decided to release FROM THIS FAE FORWARD, my second wedding planner book in October, it only felt natural to plan it for Halloween. I mean, it is a paranormal book, right?

I laid the idea out – I would enjoy both the holiday and my release in one fell swoop. I would take the day off of work and celebrate my release.

So I announced my plan and went to work, very proud of myself, until everyone started to protest. You see, it has become a tradition for me to dress up for Halloween at work. I keep it a secret from everyone and then come in and enjoy my coworkers’ reactions. I have been Harry Potter, Napoleon Dynamite, Lucille Ball, Ugly Betty, Thing One, and Cruella de Vil, just to name a few. So when I told them that I would not be coming to work on Halloween, I had a rebellion on my hands!

I had to promise to come to work (even if it was just for a little while) and now I had to also come up with a costume as well. It made sense to want to tie my costume to my release. I’m all about a theme! I thought about it for a bit and decided that since this is a paranormal wedding planner series, I would be a bride. And who is the best bride to be for  Halloween? The bride of Frankenstein, of course!

20161030_103955So what do you think?

On release day, I always take a picture of me with my book and my tiara – since I am a kickbutt author princess! Today, my tiara is perched on my amazing Bride of Frankenstein hair. I couldn’t deprive you of the tiara picture. This time it just comes with some additional flare!

Thanks for helping me celebrate my release and I hope you have a wonderful Halloween!


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From This Fae Forward Book Trailer

It’s time for the Book Trailer! I couldn’t help myself. This paranormal wedding planner series is so much fun that creating a video to show you what it’s about is a pleasure.

Take sixty seconds and find out about book two in my series by watching below or clicking HERE.

Remember this is releasing Halloween Day! But you can preorder now if you are so inclined 🙂

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Halloween Treats Just for You


If you haven’t guessed already, Halloween is my FAV-O-RITE holiday! I have a costume party each year at my home and love it when the trick-or-treaters come to my door.

I’m still working on my costume. I keep it a secret until the actual day from both my family and friends. I can’t wait to see what they think about this year’s idea!

So it seems “just right” for me to release FROM THIS FAE FORWARD my next paranormal wedding planner book on Halloween day. In that way, I get to give you all a fun treat to celebrate the holiday along with me.

Over the next few weeks I will also be treating you to a book trailer and some more video tips. This time it will include paranormal exercise tips as well.

As for my costume…I will share it with you on the 31st. It will be a release day/Halloween party extravaganza. Mark your calendars now!

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From This Fae Forward Excerpt!


In celebration of my upcoming paranormal wedding planner book releasing Halloween day, I thought I would share an excerpt with you!

A healthy bride…is a happy bride.

Chapter 1

She was late! Sheila checked her watch again as she jogged down the hall. She was supposed to be participating in a conference call with a new bridal client, and if she didn’t hustle, she’d have some apologizing to do. She rounded the corner and slammed into her worst nightmare, Charles my-friends-call-me-Charlie Tucker. The last person she wanted to see or touch—sea nymph, mortal enemy, and all-around pain in the butt.

He grabbed her arms to stop her from falling on her bum and looked down at her, one side of his mouth quirking up while his brown eyes danced. “What’s your rush, tree hugger?”

She gritted her teeth. Over the last few months, his offhand comments had gotten more and more annoying. He flirted with anyone in a skirt, but for her he reserved insults. “Tree hugger? Oh, wait, I’m a woodland nymph so that means I hug trees, right? Funny. Now if you’ll excuse me, you’re going to make me late for the meeting.”

I’m going to make you late?” He smirked. “The call already started.”

Shoot. “Then let me go so I can get in there. I’ve got to talk to the bride about a diet and exercise plan.”

“About that. I came out to find you so that I could give you some advice—”

She frowned. “You’re giving me advice about how to do my job?”

His eyebrows shot up. “Nope, on second thought, no advice from me. Wouldn’t think of it. Let me open the door for you. Don’t know why you’re standing out here talking to me when you’re late.”

A growl started low in her throat, but she covered it by coughing. The oaf brought out the worst in her. She’d almost growled at him. This wasn’t how she handled things. She hadn’t been raised to stoop to his level. But then sea nymphs weren’t known for being classy, were they?

Sheila sat down across from her best friend, Alex, who raised her eyebrows in a where-have-you-been look. Charlie swaggered in and propped himself up against the wall. Sheila ignored her and turned to the head of the table where Lorinda, Alex’s grandmother, spoke into the conference phone. The epitome of sophistication, Lorinda reminded Sheila of a blond Jackie O. She was also the CEO of For Better or For Worse, what Lorinda liked to refer to as the complete paranormal wedding experience.

“Melanie, of course your wishes are paramount,” Lorinda continued on the phone. “Peggy is our head wedding planner, and she will work directly with you to outline a full, personalized wedding portfolio to help you decide between us and the other contenders.”

Peggy rolled her eyes before introducing herself. What was the eye roll for? Apparently Sheila had missed something at the beginning of the call. Were they dealing with a bridezilla already?

Sheila couldn’t help but chuckle at the “new” Peggy sitting next to her. In the past, Peggy had looked like a fifties throwback, with a pageboy and cat’s-eye glasses. Now she’d decided the sixties were more her thing, and she was currently decked out in a short dress and a flip hairdo reminiscent of Carol from The Brady Bunch.

After a few more minutes, Peggy finished up, and Lorinda attempted to close the call before she remembered to introduce Sheila so she could go through her spiel.

Melanie interrupted Lorinda. “Before we hang up, we spoke earlier about the exercise wing of your business, and your director had not arrived yet.”

Lorinda cleared her throat. “Yes, well…”

“Hello, Melanie, my name is Sheila. I apologize for coming in late. I’m the fitness director here at the company.”

Peggy made a slashing motion over her throat.

“Oh, good, “Melanie continued. “I want to talk about an exercise plan. I understand you work one-on-one with the brides. I’ve heard wonderful things about you.”

“Well, thank you,” Sheila replied.

“I’m sure you can help me look my best in time for my wedding.”

“That’s what I’m here for.”

Peggy shook her head firmly. Sheila glanced at Alex, who shrugged, as if she was as clueless as Sheila.

“Great! None of the other companies I’ve spoken to have been helpful at all. I’ll be in town in a couple weeks, and we can meet live then. We’ll have to plan nighttime classes, of course, since I can’t come out during the day.”

Peggy sat up straighter and held two fingers up to her mouth, impersonating fangs.

Melanie was a vampire? Oh, Holy Fates, what had she just signed up for? She glanced at Charlie, who grinned wickedly back at her. Was that what he’d tried to tell her in the hall?

“Yes, well. We, um, yes—”

Lorinda interrupted Sheila. “Thank you, Melanie, for meeting with us today. We’ll pull together a portfolio to help you decide whether you’d like to sign on with us for our complete paranormal wedding experience.”

Melanie gushed about how excited she was before ending the call.

Sheila dropped her head into her hands.

“Way to go,” Peggy groaned.

Sheila sat up and glared at her. “You couldn’t warn me ahead of time? You wait and do the finger fangs after I introduce myself?”

“I had Charlie come out to warn you.”

Crap. There would be no living this down any time soon.

Charlie chuckled. “I guess you don’t need me to talk about security for the wedding. Unless you want me to plan something to protect the bride from us. I’ll leave you ladies to your conversation.” Charlie reached up and tipped the brim of an imaginary hat to Lorinda, and then winked at Sheila before leaving. Winked! What a show-off.

Sheila frowned at the moony faces of the women around the table as they watched him leave. What exactly was so great about Charles Tucker? Sure, she had to grudgingly admit he wasn’t half bad looking, and he was tall. She was tall herself, and there weren’t a lot of men she got to look up to. But he was like an overgrown child. His blond hair needed a cut, and his perpetual five-o’clock shadow was simply annoying. And of course there was the fact that his people and her people had been enemies for hundreds of years.

“I’m still too new to this whole supernatural world, so would someone please tell me what the heck just happened?” Alex asked.

Lorinda sighed. “When a vampire is turned, they stop aging. But it’s more than that. They remain exactly the same. The same body shape, the same weight. There is no diet and exercise plan that will help this bride lose weight.”

Alex’s mouth formed a perfect ‘O’ for a moment before she spoke. “And she doesn’t realize this?”

“She’s in denial, dear,” Lorinda replied, “and unfortunately, she now believes Sheila can help her.”

“And I just fed into her delusion,” Sheila said.

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From This Fae Forward Cover Reveal!

As promised, here is the cover reveal for book 2! The reveal is in video format, so spend 30 amazing seconds and check out my new cover. Then read the blurb below to get a bit more info! Watch below or click HERE.

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Sheila Hampton knows how to take care of herself. After being banished from her close-knit woodland nymph clan for defying her father, she has made her way in the human world on her own.

Now she works as an exercise instructor for stressed-out paranormal brides. If she can tell a vampire that no exercise plan in the world will help her lose weight, she can handle anything. Until her father lifts her banishment and tries to force her to marry as part of a political power play, and an unlikely hero steps forward.

Charlie Tucker is used to being on his own. A sea nymph with no ties to his clan, he joined the Navy and became a SEAL. He’s been in war zones. Eaten bugs to survive. So posing as Sheila’s fiancé should be a simple protection detail. No problem.

Except there is a problem—several, actually. Their clans are mortal enemies. They have to pretend to be in love when they can’t stand each other. Plus, they have to plan the biggest fake nymph wedding of the century. And when Sheila’s life is threatened, these two loners must put aside their differences and rely on each other.

Can this paranormal Romeo and Juliet find a way to change their tragic ending to a happily ever after?

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Paranormal Wedding Tips

As I mentioned in last week’s blog, my newest Paranormal Wedding Planner book is coming out this fall. I have an official release date. Drum roll, please……..

October 31st! Yep, Halloween Day. Cool, right? Two months away and you will have my 2nd book in your hot little hands.

To celebrate the release, I will be highlighting the first book in the series over the next few weeks. To kick off the party, I’ve decided to share paranormal wedding tips. You never know, you might decide to become a wedding planner for vampires, demons, and elves, oh my!  🙂

And I’ve also decided to share these tips in video format. Over the next two weeks, I’ll share ten tips with you. Fun video times are on the way. Check out the video below or if it doesn’t appear, click HERE.

Enjoy! And tell me what you think…