A Writer’s Version of Mountain Climbing

I just finished my proof edits for TILL DEMON DO US PART and do you know what that means? I’m almost at the top of the summit! It’s time to send Till Demon Do Us Part to my formatter to get the book ready for publishing.

Yay! Very soon McHenry’s and Darcinda’s story will be in your hands. And I couldn’t me more happy. Honest. I equate it to standing at the top of that mountain and looking at the amazing world down below knowing that I accomplished something – scaled something new and challenging.

And boy this book was definitely a challenge for me, as I documented through my earlier blog posts this year. But I think it turned out to be a good story and a great ending to the series (if I do say so myself!).

At this point in the process I get a little giddy at the anticipation of sharing with you. But I’ll control myself…maybe (or not).

Stay tuned and I’ll let you know when I reach the top and when you can expect to be spending time with the curmudgeonly, big-hearted demon and his spunky faerie healer.


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