I’ve Written “The End” but it’s Far From Over

I am so very excited to announce I wrote "The End" to my sixth and final paranormal wedding planner book, Till Demon Do Us Part! Yahoo! The funny thing is, that for a writer, the end isn't the end. You see, I have beta readers reading it and then it will go to my editor... Continue Reading →

Reading Marathon Done – Writing Marathon Coming Next?

This past weekend I finished re-reading FOR WITCH OR FOR POORER, book five in my paranormal wedding planner series. I'm happy to see I still like my hero and heroine. Giz was a challenge for me to write, because he really hadn't been front and center in the other stories, but he did shine in... Continue Reading →

Winter With the Wolf Brothers

If you've been following my blog lately, you know that I'm reading the first five books in my paranormal wedding planner series before I start writing the final book. It's been an interesting exercise so far. To read the books in less than a month when it took me years to write them gives me... Continue Reading →

Holiday Homestretch

December 23rd is here which means we are heading toward the end of the month which also means it's the homestretch for the holidays. Thank goodness. A couple weeks ago, I shared with you my holiday theme this year and even though I have also been posting ornaments from my writer tree on Facebook, Twitter... Continue Reading →

Time for a Reread

December is a hard time for me to stay in the writer zone. It could be preparation for the holidays, or it could be that I need a break. Either way, I allow myself to relax the last few weeks of the year so that I can kick it into writer gear again in January.... Continue Reading →

Writer’s Crossroads

When an author writes "the end" to a story, it's an amazing feeling. But it also signals the author to gear up for what they are going to do next. If they are in the middle of a series and have obligations to finish that, then it isn't hard to make a decision to move... Continue Reading →

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