A Writer Doesn’t Have to be an Island

You might have heard the saying that an author is an island, working alone. And in some respects that's true. When I'm writing, it is me and my laptop. But there are obvious aspects of writing that involves others, like editing. Today I spent over an hour talking to a writer friend of mine about... Continue Reading →

How a Writer Looks for Mistakes

I spent the weekend finishing line edits. Exciting, right? Now I'm reading the manuscript through cover to cover before I send it off to my proofread editor. Why, you might ask? Because I want it to be as clean as possible. Here's the thing about proof edits. They might be considered the 'simplest' edits but... Continue Reading →

Writing the Un-Story

In my last blog I talked about sending my manuscript off to my editor to start edits. In the meantime, I have started a new story. It's actually one that I hadn't planned on writing. And honestly? I don't know if I will finish it. (Does that sound strange?) But the really interesting thing about... Continue Reading →

My Manuscript is Heading Off to School

So I sent off my draft manuscript to my editor for a developmental read. In some respects, I think of this version of the manuscript like a preschool child heading to school for the first time to learn the fundamentals. My editor will read the book and look for big picture issues with plot, character,... Continue Reading →

Less Words is Not Less Work

I have been working away on my sixth and final paranormal wedding planner book. When I wrote book one, I thought it was a clever idea to start each chapter with a wedding tip. And it was, a clever idea that is. But then I got to book two and I put exercise tips at... Continue Reading →

A Bunny for Your Thoughts

On Sunday I decided to celebrate my own kind of Easter or welcoming of spring. Why not? We're living in a new normal right now, so I wanted to find a way to smile and hopefully make others smile too. So when I went out for my walk, I donned a pair of pink bunny... Continue Reading →

My Characters Are Being Grumpy

If you would have asked me what I meant by this a month ago, I would have told you that my characters were being grumpy (or maybe stingy is the better word) in sharing their story with me. Not many words were making their way to my laptop. Now, as I've started writing again, my... Continue Reading →

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