FOR WITCH OR FOR POORER Release Day! Celebrate with Me!

It's release day! It's release day! It's release day! You'd think I would get tired of these, right? Nope. The whole reason I write is to get the stories that crowd my brain out into the world to share with you. There is something so special about bringing these characters to life. FOR WITCH OR... Continue Reading →

One Week Until Release – Let’s Party With a Teaser!

In one short week, FOR WITCH OR FOR POORER will release. So a celebration is in order. I have a new Pinterest board set up for the book. Click Below to check it out 🙂 I also have a teaser for you!! Here goes

Twisty-Turny Cover Journey

Last week, I revealed the cover of FOR WITCH OR FOR POORER, book 5 in my wedding planner series. And I thought it would be fun to share with you the twisty-turny journey I went on to get it to you. Actually, it wasn't just me on the journey. Melissa Stevens my cover artist from... Continue Reading →

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