The Like Edit

I've talked in the past about the numerous edits that take place for a story. You write the manuscript and then you go through it again and clean it up. It goes out to beta readers who give you their opinions and then it's off to your editor. For me, that normally means a developmental... Continue Reading →

Heading into Fall and Writing

In my part of the world we are heading into Fall and cooler weather. As much as I'll miss the warmer weather (especially in January), I'm looking forward to my favorite season. I love less humidity and the leaves changing color and of course, Halloween. You know I would had to get that in there,... Continue Reading →

How a Writer Looks for Mistakes

I spent the weekend finishing line edits. Exciting, right? Now I'm reading the manuscript through cover to cover before I send it off to my proofread editor. Why, you might ask? Because I want it to be as clean as possible. Here's the thing about proof edits. They might be considered the 'simplest' edits but... Continue Reading →

Writing is Like a Puzzle – Who Knew?

As a writer there are times when the words come easily and many more times where the words are harder to form. In some regards, writing is like a puzzle. Some pieces snap together quickly while others you try to put into multiple places only sigh when they don't snap together. Case in point. I... Continue Reading →

A Writer’s Attention Span

It goes without saying that now is a stressful time for everyone. And with that stress many things can bubble to the surface including a shortened attention span. I am definitely a victim of that and have a tendency right now to jump from one thing to another. That's a good and bad thing for... Continue Reading →

Where Are the Words…

If you break down a story to its barest form you might argue it is character, plot, conflict. But I am going to go even further and say it all comes down to the simplest form of all. Words. Obvious? Maybe, but at its core, you don't have a story without words. And while that... Continue Reading →

Inspiration Can Be Hard Work

Inspiration can be a writer's true friend and constant enemy. Obviously, a writer needs to get that first spark of idea to start their story, but inspiration also plays a part in the entire process. If not for inspiration, the writer can't continue to create - whether it is their characters, plot, scene, name... Continue Reading →

Proof Positive

My proofreading editor sent back FOR BETTER OR FOR WOLF to me today with the final proof edits. And as I go through them I think about all the steps that got me to this (somewhat) last edit. Brainstorming that started back in the prior book of the series so I could set up the... Continue Reading →

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