A Writer’s Battle With Mother Nature

My last post was about begging winter to go away because it was putting me in a writerly funk, and apparently I made some power-to-be mad, since we're still having bad weather in my part of the world. Snow should not be allowed in April, at least in my humble opinion, but what do I... Continue Reading →

Winter, Winter Go Away

You would think as a writer that I would like winter. It would allow me to hide away and write. Well, not this year. We have had an extremely harsh winter in my area of the world and it has been dragging me down. And mood impacts writing. So I'm officially writing this post as... Continue Reading →

When You Least Expect It

Last week I waxed poetic on my blog about the wonder of spring and how the snow was behind us. Apparently Mother Nature read my blog and thought she would play an April's Fool joke on me. When I woke up on April 1st I was greeted with snow on the ground and blowing snow... Continue Reading →

Holiday Distractions for this Writer

Time is flying my friends. I swear, I was just wearing my Halloween costume and now Thanksgiving has come and gone. And I try really hard to enjoy my turkey and gravy before I let the speeding train known as the Christmas Holiday Season take over. So now that I have sworn off cranberry sauce... Continue Reading →

Time to Hunker-Down

This past weekend in my neck of the woods it snowed. I spent Saturday in my PJ's and robe doing laundry, and dishes, and adding more words to the new novel I'm working on. As much as I'm not a fan of snow (I'm not the outdoor skiing, skating, snowboarding type), I do find benefits... Continue Reading →

Digging Out

Over the weekend I watched Winter Storm Jonas (aka Snowzilla, aka Snowmaggedon) wreak havoc over much of the US. Somehow, my part of the world was spared the white stuff and I am immensely grateful, especially as I hear from my friends and family in other parts of the country attempting to dig out of... Continue Reading →

Time for Spring…Pretty Pretty Please

I have to tell you that I have never been so happy for March to finally unveil itself. For many of us, this winter has been incredibly, what’s the word?...horrible. And even though I may be deluding myself (since March in Ohio is normally snowy and wet) I am still dancing a jig to finally... Continue Reading →

Shifter Wars Release Day, Part 2!

I'm back...I wasn't fully done with my thoughts there and instead of hitting 'save draft', I hit Publish! Hah! Must be because the word 'publish' has been in my thoughts for years.... So let's get back to it! I was talking about snow. Now I live in Ohio so snow is inevitable. But since I... Continue Reading →

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