Writing is NOT Solitary

You might have noticed that last week I missed posting my blog. I had just returned from RWA's national conference and by the time I realized I missed my blog last Monday, I decided it was Fate's way of telling me to take a blog vacation for a week. So I did. But I didn't... Continue Reading →

Do You Feel Lucky? I do!

Writing can be rewarding, but it can also be hard. Even though I rely on a team of wonderful women to help me edit, proof, format, and cover my books, when it comes down to the writing of it, it's me and my computer. And as much as my characters talk to me a LOT,... Continue Reading →

Why I Write

This past week I attended Romance Writers of America's national convention. 2000 authors, editors, publishers, and other industry professionals under one (very large) roof talking the craft and business of writing. It is always an amazing experience to attend and spend time with people who get me the writer. While the actual conference is exhausting,... Continue Reading →

Finding Your Writer Tribe

This past weekend I spoke at an Indie Author Day for the Cuyahoga County Public Library. The topic, you ask? "Indie Does Not Mean You Have to Do it Alone." I decided to talk about this since many writers just starting out think that they have to do everything themselves. And yes, while the actual... Continue Reading →

On An Adventure I Go!

As you read this, I am heading off to attend Romance Writers of America's National Conference! This year's destination? San Diego! Yahoo! There is something so amazing about RWA's annual conference. As an author, I am surrounded by other authors who just get ME. They understand about the voices and the ideas that never quite go... Continue Reading →

Why I’m Glad I Opened this Email

On Friday morning I received an email with a subject line of one word: 'Congratulations'. Now for most of you wary computer users, seeing the word congratulations from an address you don't recognize sets off all kinds of alarm bells. Does the email contain a Trojan, or worm, or malware hidden inside just in time to screw up your day (and it... Continue Reading →

Reflecting on Nationals

Last week my blog was about my conference hangover and how I was trying to reconnect with the real world. Now that my brain appears to be functioning again, I have had time this past week to reflect on my experience at RWA Nationals this year. And for me, I think that the 2015 Nationals... Continue Reading →

Twas the Night Before Nationals

In lieu of my normal Monday blog, I decided to write a poem in preparation for heading to RWA Nationals tomorrow...I hope you enjoy! Twas the night before Nationals and all through the land Writers were frantically making plans; Shopping, last minute laundry and packing their bags With clothes, costumes and extra cool swag; In... Continue Reading →

A New Fashion Statement

In one short week I will be on my way to RWA Nationals in New York City. And I have been working through my checklist of things to finish before I go… • Finish editing book 5 • Order books for book signings • Finish swag items • Pick out outfits • Buy essentials •... Continue Reading →

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