Writing is NOT Solitary

You might have noticed that last week I missed posting my blog. I had just returned from RWA's national conference and by the time I realized I missed my blog last Monday, I decided it was Fate's way of telling me to take a blog vacation for a week. So I did. But I didn't... Continue Reading →

Why I Write

This past week I attended Romance Writers of America's national convention. 2000 authors, editors, publishers, and other industry professionals under one (very large) roof talking the craft and business of writing. It is always an amazing experience to attend and spend time with people who get me the writer. While the actual conference is exhausting,... Continue Reading →

Time to Reconnect

I've returned home from another amazing RWA conference. And since my brain is not fully functioning today, I will be providing you more pictures than words in this week's blog. To begin this discussion, I have to first say that San Diego was incredible as was the hotel. The first picture is a view from my balcony. It... Continue Reading →

On An Adventure I Go!

As you read this, I am heading off to attend Romance Writers of America's National Conference! This year's destination? San Diego! Yahoo! There is something so amazing about RWA's annual conference. As an author, I am surrounded by other authors who just get ME. They understand about the voices and the ideas that never quite go... Continue Reading →

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