A Robe & Slipper Kind of Day

This weekend I had a writing deadline which meant no time for distractions. It was just me and my laptop spending quality time together. By Sunday, I didn’t make it out of my robe and slippers all day. Instead, I concentrated on the story.

Normally my pj’s are for relaxing. But this time, I told myself not to get dressed so I didn’t find excuses to leave the house instead of writing. Reverse psychology, maybe. But it worked!

When I do relax, I don’t get much writing done. But what I do get are ideas – they filter up through my subconscious and help me create a new character or idea. They are also a great way to get me “unstuck” when I can’t move forward.

So I might not have made it out of my slippers, robe, or house much this weekend, but I did spend time in another world.

Fuzzy Time

20151019_194358This weekend, the weather turned cold. As in, turn the heat on and don the fuzzy robe and slippers. It always seems like the first couple weeks of cold weather are a real shock to my body. I almost feel like I need to acclimate myself again to Northeast Ohio weather. Which is ironic, since the last Ohio winter wasn’t that long ago. The cold is never far away.

When the fuzzy robe and slippers make their first appearance for the season, fuzzy thinking sometimes accompanies it. I snuggle in my robe or blanket and become one with the couch. As you can imagine, fuzzy thinking is not good for writing. And so I’ve learned to go with the flow. I work on the edits or changes that I can and highlight the other parts that need future tweaking once my fuzzy robe and fuzzy brain have been put away. Brainstorming is another good way to occupy my time since it seems to work with fuzzy thinking. I’m not having to be specific or detailed, instead ideas blossom. It’s all about adapting for the season.

Luckily, this fuzzy phase normally lasts for a short time and then my body says, “I’m not afraid of you cold weather…I’m going to keep doing the things I want to do. No hibernating allowed.” And the interesting thing is that I will put away my fuzzy robe and get down to the business and fun of writing.

Maybe it’s my body’s way of preparing for BOTH winter and writing since I am most productive when the ‘precipitation that cannot be named’ covers the ground.