Binge Reading…Really

I confess, growing up I was a TV junkie. And now with cable, Prime, Netflix, etc, I could really binge on the numerous shows available. Interestingly enough, in the past few years, I have replaced my TV watching with book reading. Rabid book reading at times.

My new binge revolves around books not shows. Recently, I’ve been reading a Regency romance series and when I’m not reading that series, I’m reading a paranormal shifter romance series with lions, wolves, coyotes, and bears!

I can’t seem to get enough of either series at the moment, reading them both and grinning like a fool. I think it’s helping me rejuvenate my creativity. And as good as a TV show or movie is, there is nothing greater than our imagination. That’s why reading a book will always win out and why you hear people say over and over again that the book was better than the movie.

So I will keep reading my stories and looking for the next series to feed my reading and creativity.

I hope someday a reader will tell me my books are binge-worthy and they read them grinning like a fool. It would be the greatest of compliments!


Perfection is Not Complicated

This past weekend was perfect for me. Why? I didn’t go anywhere elaborate, or do anything exciting. Instead I spent it sitting on my father’s porch. He has a great porch with rocking chairs, and a swing, and even a picnic table on it so you can do whatever you would like while relaxing and enjoying the summer.

The temperature was perfect – sunny and in the lower eighties (Fahrenheit) . And NO humidity. There was a breeze and if that wasn’t enough, my dad has a ceiling fan that can be turned on to circulate air.

I sat for two whole days on that covered porch, reading though my final proof of FOR BETTER OR FOR WOLF.  And I snacked on ice cream and some other yummy dishes as well. At one point, I sat in a rocking chair reading a book for pleasure as the breeze blew across the porch. At that moment, I realized how perfect it was. No fanfare. No lights and whistles. No deadlines. Just peace.

And it also made me appreciate that there is perfection in simplicity. My wish for you is that you find that moment of perfection, of simplicity and enjoy it. We don’t get a lot of those, so savor it when it happens!

Just One More Chapter

I thought I would share my new T shirt with you. What do you think? Obviously, any avid reader would give a thumbs up to the idea of “Just One More Chapter” and I found it especially cute since it had a cat with glasses on it. How can you go wrong with a bespectacled kitty cat?

But what makes this saying even more appropriate for me is that I am in the midst of editing the next book in my paranormal wedding planner series. And so I forge ahead with each chapter to work through the notes/edits my wonderful editor sent me.

Edits can range from simple grammatical issues to having to rework a scene. I am plowing through all the changes I need to make. And of course there is also the clean up that can drive a writer to distraction. For example…how many times can you have your characters smile? or frown? nod? or shake their head? Apparently a LOT. Which means going through the manuscript and finding different ways to express things (like the dreaded dialogue tags).

But I move forward so I can share the story. I am not the only one who wants me to complete JUST ONE MORE CHAPTER before I call it a night…


An Author’s Sweet Treat

There is an amazing bakery in my town that I visit every Saturday. I walk in and study the case of goodies. The fascinating thing is that each week the desserts change. Different cakes, and cupcakes, and cookies grace the counter.

And I walk back and forth and ask about the different treats to see which one will be coming home with me this week. Some have an ooey-gooey center, some a crunchy outside, some a surprising mix of flavors.

I only buy one. I can justify one treat a week, especially when next week will be a chance for something new and exciting.

I think that the sweet treats at the bakery are similar to a good story. Each book I pick up offers a new world and characters for me to fall in love/hate with. Is there something ooey-gooey for my heart to enjoy, or a a new twist (flavor) to a plot for my curious mind?

If the story is good it’s a treat to savor. And unlike the bakery, I can’t stop with just one!

Family Time

Happy Monday, my friends! You may have noticed last Monday that I didn’t post a blog. I was away for Memorial Day weekend with my family. It was so wonderful to reconnect and spend time with everyone. It seems like we go a million miles an hour now on planet earth which leaves us little time to celebrate each other. But I did get some quality time with my family and it was GOOD.

This past weekend I spent time with my imaginary family; three crazy-sexy demon brothers, an over-the-top father, a mischievous grandmother, and an opinionated adopted sister. You guessed it, I was reading through the demon trilogy books in preparation for edits.

Whew – what a crazy ride that was. Three books in two days, making sure they flowed together and made sense. As much as Russian demons who live in Cleveland can make sense that is. But these books are very much about family. Let’s face it. Most people don’t fall in love with one person and only interact with them. Oh no, family is definitely involved. And in this trilogy, family is play a HUGE role in the relationships. They provide angst, and humor, and frustration, and support. And they add layers to the story, and giggles, we can’t forget those!

So I got to spend time with my imaginary family this weekend and it was GOOD too.

Read All About It

bundle-1853667_640Over the past month, I have been working on the business side of writing. A necessity, but definitely not as exciting as the writing side of the business. Hopefully, by next week, I will be able to dive back into my stories.

And I’m soooo looking forward to it. The ideas have been percolating in my brain for some time now and they want to be free, free, free!

I’m hoping to dive into book three of my wedding planner series to find out what happens with…wait, I’m not going to give you any hints right now! I don’t know where things are going myself yet. And since I’m a pantser and not a plotter, things can change as I write the story.

But even if they do change, that’s part of my process and I will be writing again. And then you will be able to read all about it when book three is released!

And, of course, in the meantime you can snack on the three Mind Sweeper flashback stories that will be released over the next few months.

Stay tuned!

Forced Slowdown

book-1936547_640Tonight (like most nights) I came home from my day job with a list of “author things” to do. There are many days where I basically turn off my work computer, commute home and then turn on my writing computer.

However, my plans were interrupted by a power outage. It was ironic, really, since I literally had just opened up my blog post to type my weekly thoughts to send out into cyber space and my world went black. With the exception of my laptop. And I thought that I would write my blog. Even though my laptop was still functional, I no longer had connection to my website since my router needs electricity to work! Duh.

So I shut off my computer and found my trusty lamp flashlight that I got from a friend for just this sort of occasion. And as the dark minutes ticked away, I realized that my list was not going to get done tonight.

But that was okay.

Sometimes I need to take a break and if I don’t come to that conclusion myself, Fate steps in for me.

So I read a book next to the lamplight for the evening and as I got ready for bed a few minutes ago, the lights finally came on with thirty minutes to spare before my Monday blog became a Tuesday one.

So here you go! It made sense to share my non-productive, but relaxing evening with you. Forced slowdown accomplished. I’ll dive into the list tomorrow. Tonight, I’m heading to bed. The lights came on just in time for me to turn them off again!