Inspiration Can Be Hard Work

Inspiration can be a writer's true friend and constant enemy. Obviously, a writer needs to get that first spark of idea to start their story, but inspiration also plays a part in the entire process. If not for inspiration, the writer can't continue to create - whether it is their characters, plot, scene, name... Continue Reading →

A Writer’s Form of Exercise

Tonight I came home from work and worked out. The exercise DVD I used had me huffing and puffing and sweating, but when I was done it gave me a boost both psychologically and physically which I definitely need for my evenings. For writers, we have to exercise our "writerly muscles" as well. Sometimes that... Continue Reading →

An Author’s Sweet Treat

There is an amazing bakery in my town that I visit every Saturday. I walk in and study the case of goodies. The fascinating thing is that each week the desserts change. Different cakes, and cupcakes, and cookies grace the counter. And I walk back and forth and ask about the different treats to see... Continue Reading →

Sleepy Time

As an author, I have to find time to think about my books. For me it's not just sitting down and writing it, it's also thinking through some of the main points of the book. Even though I'm not a true plotter that outlines the story, I still have to pick a direction and go!... Continue Reading →

Redline IS My Friend

You might think that my blog title this week is a bit strange, but let me explain. While some people see corrections as a bad thing, I put my writer's hat on and say, "no way!" Edits are actually a very GOOD thing. My editor sent back edits on the first book in my demon... Continue Reading →

A Robe & Slipper Kind of Day

This weekend I had a writing deadline which meant no time for distractions. It was just me and my laptop spending quality time together. By Sunday, I didn't make it out of my robe and slippers all day. Instead, I concentrated on the story. Normally my pj's are for relaxing. But this time, I told... Continue Reading →

Impatience is my Middle Name

I am getting sooo close to finishing the draft of the current manuscript I'm working on that my impatience gene has kicked in BIG TIME. When I am close to the finish line, I want to sprint to the end. Yep, I'm too busy gasping for air and dreaming of running through the finish tape,... Continue Reading →

Thawing Out

Over the past few weeks I (and many of you as well) have been living in what I like to call Frozen-ville. And while there are no quirky singing sisters or a comedic snowman in my current land, there has been a lot of snow, and ice, and single-digit temperatures. So I thought it appropriate... Continue Reading →

Out with the Old

This weekend I rummaged through one of my closets and found a large plastic container that I hadn't opened in years. I wasn't even sure what was inside. So I pulled the lid off and delved into the box. Inside were stacks of school papers from when I was working toward my MBA. At the time, I thought... Continue Reading →

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