Come Along on my “Framily” Vacation

People often talk about taking family vacations. Well, I’m going to talk instead about a FRIEND vacation. I just got back from a long holiday weekend at a lake house with dear friends that I made back in college. Eleven women, getting together to celebrate, well, us.

When we get together each year, we are transported back to our college years, but we also recognize the women we have now become. Pretty powerful stuff. We share our experiences over the and laugh until our stomachs hurt.

In reality, I guess you could say we are a family of our own making – so maybe this is a family vacation as well!

There is a power in creating a family. Much like the characters in my books, who often find that family isn’t necessarily what we’re born into. For Misha, he has the wonder of both. His BSR teammates Kyle, Jean Luc, Jason, Talia, and even Sabrina are as important as his actual Shamat family and clan.

So spending time with my friends/family –  or what I’m going to call my “framily” is important and rejuvenating. You’ll be able to celebrate with Misha and his framily in two short weeks! Stay tuned…

A Paranormal Writer’s Halloween

Yes, I know. I didn’t write my Monday blog yesterday. But since Halloween was today, I decided to hold off until one of my FAVORITE days. As many of you who have been following me for awhile know, I am in love with Halloween. Costumes, parties, decorations…you name it…and I’m doing it.

Each year I dress up for work and keep it a secret until the day. My coworkers pester me for weeks, hoping I’ll slip up and give them some sort of hint. But no dice. I like to build the anticipation. Kind of like with my stories!

Is it any wonder I write paranormal? Halloween is about escape and childhood and memories of a wonderful time. I think it’s worth the trip, don’t you?

Let me know what you think about this year’s costume. Marge Simpson was a hoot for me to wear, especially the wig!

Protect Me Release Day!

Yay! Release day is here for PROTECT ME! These prequels have been a labor of love. It has been so fun to write these stories and that is due to the secret I’m going to share with you…

Our characters become our friends.

It’s true. If they are good characters, they become three-dimensional. And my Mind Sweeper characters are very real to me. I can almost touch them at times.

So spending time with them is a pleasure. That’s what these flashback stories let me do. I got to go back and see how this unconventional group of people became a family. How can that not be a joy to write?

And no worries…I have attached my release day tiara picture below. You were wondering if I’d forgotten, but I have your back!

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Celebrate Release Day and Halloween With Me!

I am so excited for release day! This time, it is doubly awesome because I am releasing on Halloween, my FAVORITE holiday! When I decided to release FROM THIS FAE FORWARD, my second wedding planner book in October, it only felt natural to plan it for Halloween. I mean, it is a paranormal book, right?

I laid the idea out – I would enjoy both the holiday and my release in one fell swoop. I would take the day off of work and celebrate my release.

So I announced my plan and went to work, very proud of myself, until everyone started to protest. You see, it has become a tradition for me to dress up for Halloween at work. I keep it a secret from everyone and then come in and enjoy my coworkers’ reactions. I have been Harry Potter, Napoleon Dynamite, Lucille Ball, Ugly Betty, Thing One, and Cruella de Vil, just to name a few. So when I told them that I would not be coming to work on Halloween, I had a rebellion on my hands!

I had to promise to come to work (even if it was just for a little while) and now I had to also come up with a costume as well. It made sense to want to tie my costume to my release. I’m all about a theme! I thought about it for a bit and decided that since this is a paranormal wedding planner series, I would be a bride. And who is the best bride to be for  Halloween? The bride of Frankenstein, of course!

20161030_103955So what do you think?

On release day, I always take a picture of me with my book and my tiara – since I am a kickbutt author princess! Today, my tiara is perched on my amazing Bride of Frankenstein hair. I couldn’t deprive you of the tiara picture. This time it just comes with some additional flare!

Thanks for helping me celebrate my release and I hope you have a wonderful Halloween!


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