Book Sale to Celebrate My Upcoming Release

Hello all! In one week, FOR BETTER OR FOR WOLF will release. I can't wait for you all to read Connor's story. Connor is one of the werewolf twins and he is such a fun character, I think you will really enjoy him. And Olivia is such a great foil for him! With 7 days... Continue Reading →

Why 9556 Is a Magic Number!

Have I piqued your interest? Why in the world would 9556 be a magic number? Well, that is the number of words I wrote this weekend on my third novel in my demon brothers series. And the best part of that number? The last two words were THE END! Wow, I am so happy to... Continue Reading →

A Paranormal Writer’s Halloween

Yes, I know. I didn't write my Monday blog yesterday. But since Halloween was today, I decided to hold off until one of my FAVORITE days. As many of you who have been following me for awhile know, I am in love with Halloween. Costumes, parties, name it...and I'm doing it. Each year I... Continue Reading →

Halloween is Coming – Contest Time!!

Hello my friends! Tonight's blog is more of an invitation, than my normal meanderings... Halloween is coming and as part of the celebration of my favorite holiday, I (along with 47 other AMAZING authors) are giving away a huge collection of paranormal & sci-fi romances to 2 lucky winners, PLUS a brand new eReader to... Continue Reading →

Do you Trust Me?

Next week is the release of my second flashback story, Trust Me. This is another story about a young Kyle McKinley who is spreading her wings so to speak as she works for the Bureau of Supernatural Relations. This go around, she heads undercover for the first time, and in usual Kyle fashion she does it... Continue Reading →

Forget Me Release Day!

Hello my friends! Today is release day for Forget Me. I'm very excited to be back in the Mind Sweeper world I first created. Kyle, Misha, and Jean Luc are such wonderful characters to write, they feel like family to me. And like most families, they have been quite "vocal" about not getting to spend... Continue Reading →

Keeping it Short & Sweet

As authors, it is often very hard to offer a straightforward, simple answer. After all, we are prone to wax poetic on any number of items, most especially our books. My novels normally range in the 85,000-95,000 range, so I am guilty of this myself! A few months ago, I decided to visit my Mind... Continue Reading →

Romeo & Juliet with a Paranormal Twist

Instead of a teaser today, I am sharing a link to an article I wrote for Heroes & Heartbreakers about Romeo and Juliet. Of course my Romeo and Juliet are of the paranormal variety. My new release centers around a hero and heroine who are supposed to hate each other, but somehow that doesn't happen.... Continue Reading →

Halloween Party: Take 2

This past weekend, I had my second Halloween party of the season, which was my neighborhood costume party. This year, my neighbors came up with AMAZING costumes! I apparently bring out the competitors in each of them. Everyone takes pride in being very creative. Each year, the group votes for best costume. And then a... Continue Reading →

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