Sleepy Time

As an author, I have to find time to think about my books. For me it’s not just sitting down and writing it, it’s also thinking through some of the main points of the book. Even though I’m not a true plotter that outlines the story, I still have to pick a direction and go!

Thinking about the characters and the general plot is often done when I have a spare moment – in the shower, on my daily commute, etc.

But I have found for me that the best time to come up with those great character developing moments and pivotal scenes is first thing in the morning when my alarm has gone off and I set it for snooze, or I know that I can stay in bed a little bit longer on the weekend.

That is when the ideas come to me since I’m not bogged down with to do lists, and social media, and my day job. My psyche is free to explore options I wouldn’t think about if I was fully awake.

I call it my sleepy author time. And I treasure it.

So if you’re trying to work through something, try thinking about it when you first wake up. You never know what you might come up with!

Celebrating the Holidays – Writer Style

It’s hard to believe that half of December is already gone and the holidays are upon us. I have been wrapping presents, decorating, watching holiday movies, and eating cookies for a while now. This past week I invited my coworkers over for a party. Appetizers were devoured and games were played – they are a competitive bunch!

But the holidays are about friendship and family and frivolity too. Instead of getting stressed out about the holidays, we need to embrace them and what they mean to us, right?

Last week, I was at the store with a friend and we found the Santa hat I’m wearing in this picture. But it’s not just any old hat, no sirree. It is Santa with some bling! For those of you who have been following me for a while, you know that I don a tiara to celebrate my kickbutt writer princess book release days. Well, when I saw this hat, I couldn’t pass it by.

I mean, can’t we all celebrate our kickbutt princess status at any time? I think so. Plus,  the Santa hat is appropriate since I am still offering IN SICKNESS AND IN ELF, the first book in my Paranormal Wedding Planner series, for 99 cents. Ho, Ho, Ho!

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It’s Never Too Late To Be Thankful

Last week I lost track of days. Maybe it had to do with only having to work three days  before Thanksgiving. But Monday came and went last week and I didn’t think about posting my Monday blog. And when I woke up Thursday morning and turned on the Macy’s day parade for some reason that jogged my memory that I hadn’t posted anything!

I had planned on writing about being thankful – very appropriate for the holiday. And I realized that it is NEVER too late to talk about being thankful. I think it is something we should think about every day of the year, not just on Thanksgiving.

I am so thankful for my family – my dad, especially. And my friends who have been with me for years and those I have met recently as a writer.

And I am thankful for my writing. It has opened up a world for me. I have met amazing people and readers! I am so thankful for my readers – you jump into my world and understand my characters and keep reading! How blessed and thankful can one writer be?

Very, very thankful!

Thawing Out

Over the past few weeks I (and many of you as well) have been living in what I like to call Frozen-ville. And while there are no quirky singing sisters or a comedic snowman in my current land, there has been a lot of snow, and ice, and single-digit temperatures.

So I thought it appropriate that last week, as I was writing my newest novel, that I got stuck. I basically decided I was not going in the right direction with my story and that caused me to freeze in my tracks (pun intended). I spent a couple days trying to rework my plot to see where I needed to go and with the rework, the story came to a standstill.

This weekend, the weather changed and with the rising temperatures the snow and ice melted away. And luckily, the thawing of the snow corresponded with the thawing in my brain and I started to write again.

Writing is never easy. It can be fun, and exciting, and sad, and painful, but it ebbs and flows, or freezes at the worst of times.

Now I am enjoying the thaw while I can. A glimpse of what spring will look like in a couple months, but a welcome respite before the cold sneaks back again. Hopefully, I can keep my brain thawed, and the story flowing, even when the snow starts to fly again outside my window.

Fast Talker Benefits

It’s actually working, my friends! Last summer I shared in a blog that I had purchased dictation software to hopefully increase my productivity. When I purchased it, I was in the middle of finishing my third wedding planner novel. Since I was on a deadline, I couldn’t take the time to truly delve into using the software.

Now I am working on the Misha book and I pulled out the headset to give it another try. Guess what? I like it! And I seem to be “writing” more words, which for a writer is a WONDERFUL thing. So, I’m going to keep speaking away, and see where the story takes me! If it does increase my word count, maybe I can actually get books done a bit faster.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. As much as you want to read the next story in my two series, I want to write it. I have so many ideas in my head and not enough hours in the day to get them down. Now? Who knows…I am a VERY FAST TALKER!


Making a List AFTER Christmas

Sorry this is a day late, my followers, but I just got home from celebrating Christmas with my family and I figured that you would forgive me for posting this a day late. I hope that everyone is having a good holiday season.

We know that Santa makes a list and checks it twice. But for me, the week between Christmas and New Year’s is a time for list making. I reflect on what I accomplished this year and what I want to accomplish in the next. I go through my house and clean at the same time, throwing or donating things I no longer need to streamline my life. Sometimes I wish that I could “declutter” my brain as easily. But I’m not alone in that sentiment 🙂

So let’s get to reflecting on accomplishments, shall we?

I created an advance reader team for both my Mind Sweeper and Paranormal Wedding Planner series. I created newsletter automation so that all of you wonderful readers who sign up for my newsletter, hear a little bit about me. I also created some wonderful “freebies” available to my subscribers as well.

Mind Sweeper has been free for a while now on the major book retailers. I hope that entices people who don’t know me to give my books a try.

I gave my website, not one, but two face lifts this year. I think the newest version is going to stick for a while!

I worked with a new cover artist to come up with ROCKIN’ new covers for my paranormal wedding planner series.

I also worked on some new advertising avenues this year as well as giveaways that brought in new readers.

I attended two writing conventions and also spoke at a of couple events.

Oh yeah, let’s not forget that I published three flashback (prequel) stories for my Mind Sweeper series and released the 3rd book in my Paranormal Wedding Planner series in November. I’ve also been working on a new Mind Sweeper book that centers around Misha (Ha!).

Wow, I guess when I list it out like that I’ve been a little busy, right? Sometimes, we have to take stock of our accomplishments to motivate us for the upcoming year…

Thanks for helping me accomplish all of this in 2017. If it wasn’t for my readers, none of this list would mean much.

Thanks for helping me  – now on to next year!


Twas the Week Before Christmas

Twas the week before Christmas and this writer was nestled snug in her bed, hoping for visions of her next story to dance in her head.

But her eyes popped open with a feeling of dread. There was no story to be found, but something else filled her thoughts instead.

So she rose from her bed with a clatter, as her cats watched her to see what was the matter.

It was as if her mind had been in a fog, until she relaxed and realized it was Monday night and she had forgotten her blog!

Dash it all!

So she grabbed her computer and started to write. But what could she possibly compose so late at night?

Why a poem of course…

…with a little help from the season. Any good writer will find a good reason to use a writer’s prompt that is tried and true, like reworking a favorite poem if she can’t think of anything else to do.

She hunkered over her computer as her fingers flew over the keys, and hoped her readers didn’t think she was too much of a tease.

And as she typed her last words and dashed of out sight, she wished everyone sweet dreams and to all a good night!

Tiara Wars

Last week was the release of the latest in my paranormal wedding planner series, TO HAVE AND TO HOWL. If you saw my blog last week, you also saw that my release day tiara picture included my boy cat. He insisted that he wanted to be in the pics, or so I thought at the time…

If you missed last week’s blog and want to see those pics, feel free to click HERE.

So after I posted my blog, I realized that being part of the picture was NOT what boy cat was after. What he really wanted was the tiara.

A battle ensued shortly after that, and below, you can see the picture of who came out as the victor of the tiara wars! After his victory, he apparently was tuckered out from the battle and needed to take a catnap as shown in pic two!

20171113_115202     20171113_115106.jpg

Both Prince Dillon and I want to thank you for spreading the news about my newest release. I hope you are enjoying the story!



Yay!!! It is finally here. TO HAVE AND TO HOWL is heading out into the world. I am so excited to share the next book in this fun series with you.

The book has some twists and turns in it, which made it fun to write. Julia is an amazing heroine because she is trying to allow her heart to open again to the possibility of love. And Jack, well he is a great hero. I usually have a crush on all the heroes I write, but there is something special about Jack. And of course, his twin Connor plays a huge role in this book too. The brothers may look alike, but boy, do they have different personalities!

As usual, I am spending time celebrating my newest release as a kickbutt writer princess should – with my tiara securely perched on my head! Here is my newest release day pick…but I have to warn you that this is what happens when you have cats and you try to take a selfie!!

20171113_101605   20171113_101509

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