Winter, Winter Go Away

You would think as a writer that I would like winter. It would allow me to hide away and write. Well, not this year. We have had an extremely harsh winter in my area of the world and it has been dragging me down. And mood impacts writing. So I'm officially writing this post as... Continue Reading →

Save the Date

Since this new series is all about weddings, I thought I would kick off the start of my book release ramp up with an appropriate graphic. There's something to be said about anticipation and setting the mood for an event. Weddings are all about anticipation, as are book releases. So why not pair the two together?... Continue Reading →

It’s All About Atmosphere

Music, candles, food, aromas. All examples of how to establish atmosphere. According to Cambridge Dictionaries Online, one of the definitions of atmosphere is: the character, feeling, or mood of a place or situation.  Atmosphere is a huge part of writing. And as a writer I don't want to TELL readers what the mood is. Instead... Continue Reading →

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