Twisty-Turny Cover Journey

Last week, I revealed the cover of FOR WITCH OR FOR POORER, book 5 in my wedding planner series. And I thought it would be fun to share with you the twisty-turny journey I went on to get it to you. Actually, it wasn't just me on the journey. Melissa Stevens my cover artist from... Continue Reading →

WHERE is the journey taking us?

I hope you've been having a good time on this journey. We have been talking about re-covering my Mind Sweeper Series. We've touched on WHY, WHO, WHEN and WHAT. Today we're going to talk about WHERE. When you decide to change or re-brand your books, it isn't just the print book cover that you need... Continue Reading →

Series Cover Reveal

Hello! If you've been following along with my blogs over the past few weeks, I've been talking about the new covers for my Mind Sweeper Series. We've talked about the WHY and the WHO on this re-cover journey. This week's cover journey is all about the WHEN. When are you going to see the new... Continue Reading →

The Journey Continues with Who…

Thanks for joining me on this journey of redesigning my covers for my Mind Sweeper Series. Last week we talking about WHY and this week we're going to talk about WHO. Who is an important question on several levels. First - who do I want to partner with to create the covers. I have learned... Continue Reading →

The Journey Starts with Why…

Last week I talked about spending some time on my blog over the next few weeks talking about the journey of recovering books that are already out in the world. And it is indeed a journey. And at the beginning of this (and any) journey is the question WHY. Why do I (or you Jane... Continue Reading →

Cover This

This spring I will be releasing new covers for my Mind Sweeper Series. Why, you ask? As much as I love the original covers, it's time for a face lift - taking the brand and dialing it up a notch. Covers are a vital part of a writer's book (and brand) - it entices readers... Continue Reading →

The Power of Word of Mouth

A cute little marketing story to share with you... Today I got a voicemail from my Dentist's Office. Normally I get reminder calls before my cleanings, but I knew that I didn't have one coming up anytime soon, so I was a little confused. Then I listened to the message... The dental assistant called me.... Continue Reading →

Conference Recap: I’m Melting

This past week, I headed to beautiful St. Pete's beach in Florida to attend the Novelists Inc. (NINC) conference. This conference brings together writers to talk about the business of writing, and I sure could use some of that knowledge! I packed my questions and flip-flops and headed to the incredibly hot state of Florida.... Continue Reading →

Short is Not So Sweet

I am working toward the release of my next book and have reached the stage where I am writing that dreaded/dratted blurb. The blurb is what you read on the back cover or flap of a book or the paragraph you find on the e-retailer sites. It's a couple of paragraphs that are supposed to... Continue Reading →

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