FOR WITCH OR FOR POORER Release Day! Celebrate with Me!

It's release day! It's release day! It's release day! You'd think I would get tired of these, right? Nope. The whole reason I write is to get the stories that crowd my brain out into the world to share with you. There is something so special about bringing these characters to life. FOR WITCH OR... Continue Reading →

Time for an Excerpt – For Witch or For Poorer

Hello, my friends. In two short weeks FOR WITCH OR FOR POORER, book 5 in my paranormal wedding planner series will release. I'm excited about this book, because it centers around Giz, our tech wizard on the team who has some secrets of his own that he's been keeping. I'm excited to share his story... Continue Reading →

Another Cover Reveal!

Forgive me for posting my weekly blog a day late, my friends. But I think it was worth the wait and I hope you do too! A few weeks ago, I shared my cover of FOR BETTER OR FOR WOLF, the fourth book in my wedding planner series that is releasing on September 16th. Today... Continue Reading →

Time for an Excerpt!!

It's hard to believe that FOR BETTER OR FOR WOLF will be out in five weeks! I shared the cover and blurb with you a couple weeks ago, and I thought you might want to actually get a sneak peek of it by reading an excerpt. So, check it out below... Preorder:   AMAZON   iBOOKS    B&N ... Continue Reading →

Now to the WHAT of our Journey…

And away we go again on this journey of new covers for my Mind Sweeper series. Over the past few weeks, we've talked about the WHY, WHO, and WHEN of recovering my series. Today I'm going to talk about the WHAT. What is it that I am trying to say with my covers? With the new... Continue Reading →

To Glitter or Not To Glitter

Call me old fashioned, but there is something magical about receiving Christmas cards in the mail. You go to your mailbox and a stack of colorful envelopes wait for you. Then you slit them open to see pretty cards and notes from friends. Or maybe you get a picture card of the sender's children as... Continue Reading →

Time to Vote for your Favorite!

So you have seen all 10 of my paranormal wedding planner tip videos! Now's the time to vote for your favorite. Let me know what you think! I've very curious 🙂 I have listed them in a handy, dandy poll for you. Just click on your favorite and vote! I'll let you know the results... Continue Reading →

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