A Writer’s Battle With Mother Nature

My last post was about begging winter to go away because it was putting me in a writerly funk, and apparently I made some power-to-be mad, since we're still having bad weather in my part of the world. Snow should not be allowed in April, at least in my humble opinion, but what do I... Continue Reading →

Inspiration and Concentration – time to play together nicely…

I'll admit it - I'm a bit stuck right now with the story I've been working on. This past month has not been a productive one for me in the writing department. Now I have to remind myself that I did just release a book, but I'm getting that antsy feeling to write. The problem... Continue Reading →

Inspiration Can Be Hard Work

Inspiration can be a writer's true friend and constant enemy. Obviously, a writer needs to get that first spark of idea to start their story, but inspiration also plays a part in the entire process. If not for inspiration, the writer can't continue to create - whether it is their characters, plot, scene, chapter...you name... Continue Reading →


So I saw a quote the other day and it made me think about my life and my writing which is always a GOOD thing. Words hold so much power. As an author I understand that at a fundamental level. So when a few words inspire me, I know they are something I was meant... Continue Reading →

A Different Kind Of Inspiration

As a writer, I spend a lot of time talking and thinking about inspiration for my books. Where am I going to get the next idea for a character, scene, story, novel, or series? But today I want to talk about how I find inspiration to do what I do, be who I want to... Continue Reading →

Inspiration For Writers

Inspiration is both a wondrous and wicked thing. When the creative juice is flowing for a writer, we can get inspiration from practically anything-a trip to the store, taking the garbage out, talking to a neighbor. Any of these seemingly mundane things can trigger ideas for authors to weave into their stories. But at the same time,... Continue Reading →

Off to Nationals I Go!

It is hard to believe that a year has gone by since I headed to Atlanta for RWA’s National conference. A conference that will stay embedded in my memory forever since I was lucky and blessed enough to win the Golden Heart® Award for MIND SWEEPER. And now I head to San Antonio for the... Continue Reading →

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