New Year Brings New Writerly Ideas

As we all wave at 2021 in our rearview mirrors, I look forward to (fingers crossed) a much better 2022. And for this writer a new year means new ideas. A few weeks ago I posted about stories I'd been working on. Story one is off with some beta readers right now. Story two, that... Continue Reading →

My Ideas Runneth Over

Last year, I told myself that I couldn't think about a new series until I finished the demon books I was working on. It was like a reward for getting the job done. I did finish those books, and like I talked about in my last blog, I resurrected an idea and have started a... Continue Reading →

Eye Opener

Once again I am a day behind on my Monday blog, but this time I have an excuse...honest. Last night I went to the eye doctor and she dilated my pupils. Then I came home and sat in semi-darkness thinking that my eyes would go back to normal real soon. Yeah, not so much. So... Continue Reading →

How this Writer Reboots

Today while I was working on my laptop, I received a message that my computer needed an update. And as I watched the green bar move slowly across the screen signaling the percentage of completion for the update, I wondered how we (humans) can do an update to our own operating system? Is it when... Continue Reading →

Isn’t It Romantic?

This weekend, I got to spend Saturday afternoon speaking on a panel with a group of writing friends at a local library. The name of the event was "Isn't it Romantic?" The idea was to have a group of romance authors talk about their experiences in the writing world. So I headed to the library... Continue Reading →

GH day 49 – aka ‘Write SOMETHING Day’

I sit staring at you, mesmerized. You blink, teasing me, but the longer I watch you, the more irritated I become. You are relentless. What was once a subtle reminder turns into mock-ing. MOCK-ing. MOCK-ING. Stop! I will write something today. I promise. This splendiferous poem, Ode to the Cursor, is what came to me as... Continue Reading →

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