Holiday Homestretch

December 23rd is here which means we are heading toward the end of the month which also means it's the homestretch for the holidays. Thank goodness. A couple weeks ago, I shared with you my holiday theme this year and even though I have also been posting ornaments from my writer tree on Facebook, Twitter... Continue Reading →

Time for a Reread

December is a hard time for me to stay in the writer zone. It could be preparation for the holidays, or it could be that I need a break. Either way, I allow myself to relax the last few weeks of the year so that I can kick it into writer gear again in January.... Continue Reading →

Holiday Distractions for this Writer

Time is flying my friends. I swear, I was just wearing my Halloween costume and now Thanksgiving has come and gone. And I try really hard to enjoy my turkey and gravy before I let the speeding train known as the Christmas Holiday Season take over. So now that I have sworn off cranberry sauce... Continue Reading →

Family Time

Happy Monday, my friends! You may have noticed last Monday that I didn't post a blog. I was away for Memorial Day weekend with my family. It was so wonderful to reconnect and spend time with everyone. It seems like we go a million miles an hour now on planet earth which leaves us little... Continue Reading →

Little Things Mean A Lot

Last week I talked about how much I love the holidays, and I do. But the holidays also can be overwhelming too. So much to do, so little time...and that's why we need to celebrate the simple things in life. So what are these simple things? For me, the simple things so far this season... Continue Reading →

Holidays are Coming!

Those of you who have followed my blog for a while know that I love holidays. It starts with the amazing Halloween (I would have to hand in my paranormal author card if I didn't celebrate that holiday to the best of my ability.) Followed by Thanksgiving, which might not be a "blingy" holiday, but... Continue Reading →

A Writer’s Christmas

As we head into 2017, I am reflecting back on the holiday season. I received a number of gifts that were very "writerly" in theme and goes to show how my friends and family have my back on this author journey. My brother and sister-in-law gave me a new e-reader for both my writer and... Continue Reading →

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