I’m Melting

So today I sat outside with a couple of friends for lunch. We are having a warm snap and anyone who lives in Northeast Ohio knows that you have to absorb as much sunlight as you can before the winter trundles in and stays for way too long. But today we sat outside and the sun... Continue Reading →

Had a Psycho Experience

When my mother was little, Alfred Hitchcock's movie, Psycho, came out in movie theaters. My mom begged to see it, but my grandmother (a very smart woman) told her no. Did my mom listen? Nooooo. So she walked uptown to the movie theater with her friends and went to the movie (now that I think of it, there... Continue Reading →

Writing for the Joy of It

So my followers I think I lost my way a bit on this writing path that I am on. What do I mean?  Well many of you have been following me since my Golden Heart ® final and subsequent win and it was an awesome, action-packed few months. Now I am sending out my manuscripts(s) and looking for... Continue Reading →

Appreciation Day

So today at work is appreciation day. We are celebrating it by having a cookout, speeches and games. And it got me thinking about appreciation and what it really means. Well, the smart aleck answer (which I would never give you) is the following: According to Miriam Webster (m-w.com), the verb appreciate is defined as... Continue Reading →

Judge Me Not

This past week I have been judging a writing contest. So for those of you who are curious, this is how it works, I receive entries and then I score the entries based on the criteria established (categories and questions that I use as I read the excerpt) and then provide comments and notes within... Continue Reading →

This is My Lucky Day

I went to my mailbox this weekend and pulled out a large stack of mail. Mostly junk mail, of course. And I sat in my car and sorted through the junk. One large envelope claimed that I might have WON something. All I needed to do was scratch the squares and see what I won and then... Continue Reading →

Loving in Small Doses

In the past I have talked quite a bit about my cat, Dillon. He is a lover and wants to be the center of attention so he steals the limelight quite often. Tonight, I'm going to talk about my other cat, Maggie. She is a sweet little calico who lets her brother think he rules the... Continue Reading →

Because I Said So!

Not one of us growing up missed hearing at one point or another "Because I Said So!" (or BISS for short). At some point when our parents told us to do something (or not do something) we asked one too many times - Why? And we were rewarded with the tried and true BISS.Now if you... Continue Reading →

The Path of Least Resistance

It's Friday night and I am sitting out on my front porch (more like a stoop, but it is big enough for my white rocking chair which I am perched in). When I looked down at my curved sidewalk, for some reason 'the path of least resistance' popped into my head. Why, I don't know. Maybe... Continue Reading →

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