Celebrating the Holidays with your “Framily”

On this Christmas Eve, it's time to celebrate traditions with family and friends. And the amazing thing that I've learned the longer I live on this earth is that traditions are as unique as the wonderful people who surround us. Even more astounding, they can change and develop as new people become a part of... Continue Reading →

It’s Never Too Late To Be Thankful

Last week I lost track of days. Maybe it had to do with only having to work three days  before Thanksgiving. But Monday came and went last week and I didn't think about posting my Monday blog. And when I woke up Thursday morning and turned on the Macy's day parade for some reason that... Continue Reading →

Come Along on my “Framily” Vacation

People often talk about taking family vacations. Well, I'm going to talk instead about a FRIEND vacation. I just got back from a long holiday weekend at a lake house with dear friends that I made back in college. Eleven women, getting together to celebrate, well, us. When we get together each year, we are... Continue Reading →

Writing is NOT Solitary

You might have noticed that last week I missed posting my blog. I had just returned from RWA's national conference and by the time I realized I missed my blog last Monday, I decided it was Fate's way of telling me to take a blog vacation for a week. So I did. But I didn't... Continue Reading →

When Attitude is a Good Thing

Three weeks ago my blog talked about inspiration. Inspiration that I received from family and friends in the form of two bracelets with sayings on them. This week, another dear friend gave me a necklace - you've seen the type - a pretty bar necklace that hangs horizontally on a chain. Many of them have... Continue Reading →

Rejuvenating Your Heart

This weekend I spent time visiting family. Something I don't get to do that much with my crazy schedule. But I think that it is so very important to make the time. It rejuvenates the soul, the heart, and the mind. And in doing that, it makes me a better person and in turn a... Continue Reading →

Protect Me Release Day!

Yay! Release day is here for PROTECT ME! These prequels have been a labor of love. It has been so fun to write these stories and that is due to the secret I'm going to share with you... Our characters become our friends. It's true. If they are good characters, they become three-dimensional. And my... Continue Reading →

Time to Reconnect

I've returned home from another amazing RWA conference. And since my brain is not fully functioning today, I will be providing you more pictures than words in this week's blog. To begin this discussion, I have to first say that San Diego was incredible as was the hotel. The first picture is a view from my balcony. It... Continue Reading →

On An Adventure I Go!

As you read this, I am heading off to attend Romance Writers of America's National Conference! This year's destination? San Diego! Yahoo! There is something so amazing about RWA's annual conference. As an author, I am surrounded by other authors who just get ME. They understand about the voices and the ideas that never quite go... Continue Reading →

Taking a Leap

This year for Christmas I received many nice gifts, but the one that resonated with me and I have shared in the picture attached, is this figure hanging onto an umbrella and seemingly floating through the air. My friend gave it to me because she said she was so proud of me for 'taking a... Continue Reading →

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