Protect Me Release Day!

Yay! Release day is here for PROTECT ME! These prequels have been a labor of love. It has been so fun to write these stories and that is due to the secret I’m going to share with you…

Our characters become our friends.

It’s true. If they are good characters, they become three-dimensional. And my Mind Sweeper characters are very real to me. I can almost touch them at times.

So spending time with them is a pleasure. That’s what these flashback stories let me do. I got to go back and see how this unconventional group of people became a family. How can that not be a joy to write?

And no worries…I have attached my release day tiara picture below. You were wondering if I’d forgotten, but I have your back!

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Protect Me: Body, Heart & Soul

heart-2095454_640Tomorrow the third story in my prequel trilogy releases. Hard to believe, right? PROTECT ME is all about gaining confidence. Kyle, the heroine of the Mind Sweeper stories is a pro at protecting her heart. So much so, that she doesn’t let many people close to her.

With this story, Kyle’s confidence is shaken. She must learn to protect herself and also let others close to her as well. A big accomplishment to make for someone who has been hurt in the past for sharing herself with others.

This story was fun to write because I introduced Dr. Sabrina Miller for the first time. Needless to say, it is not BFF at first sight for the two women. I hope you like this story as much as I enjoyed writing it. Kyle is a special character to me, so spending more time with her has been amazing. And seeing what happened in her past which is what shaped her future…priceless!

Trust Me Release Day!

It’s here, it’s here! TRUST ME, the second flashback story is leaving the nest today and is available for you all to read. Yay! I love release days. For one thing, I get to share more about Kyle and the gang with you and second, I get to wear my release day tiara! Who wouldn’t love that?

20170327_203124This story is about Kyle going undercover for the first time. She also meets a character that plays a large role in the Mind Sweeper Series. And no, I’m not going to tell you who it is here. You’ll just have to wait and see.

I am having a blast with these prequel stories. It allowed me to delve into the past and bring you along for the ride.

Hope you enjoy the newest story in the Mind Sweeper universe!

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I should have been a movie director…book trailer time!

In celebration of TRUST ME’s release tomorrow, I have a new book trailer for you! There is something so cool about a book trailer. I think of a trailer as the video version of poetry – stay with me now as I explain…

Most poems convey a story in a short amount of words. A trailer should convey the crux of the story in moments.

I love combining pictures, words, and music to convey not only the story, but the mood as well. So fun to jump into. Sometimes I wonder if I should have been a movie director.

So here you go without further delay! Check it out below or click HERE

Do you Trust Me?

girl-1275656_640Next week is the release of my second flashback story, Trust Me. This is another story about a young Kyle McKinley who is spreading her wings so to speak as she works for the Bureau of Supernatural Relations. This go around, she heads undercover for the first time, and in usual Kyle fashion she does it her own way.

But the theme for this story and honestly the crux of most of my stories is the idea of trust and how that can impact your relationships or lack thereof.

Most of the heroines (and sometimes heroes) of my stories come from a past where their ability to trust or be trusted has been damaged. There is something fundamental to the idea of letting someone close enough to you that you truly trust them. So it seemed appropriate for me to title this story Trust Me.

Ultimately in a romance part of the journey is bringing the couple together so that they find a way to trust each other and then love follows. But I also think trust permeates all relationships. For Kyle, in these early stories, it’s a love journey, but not of the romantic variety. It is a building of her relationship with her teammates and finding her own confidence in the process.

It’s a fun little story that releases on the 28th. You’ll like it, trust me on this.

Okay, I couldn’t help myself on that last line…too much? 🙂

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Forget Me Release Day!

Hello my friends! Today is release day for Forget Me. I’m very excited to be back in the Mind Sweeper world I first created. Kyle, Misha, and Jean Luc are such wonderful characters to write, they feel like family to me. And like most families, they have been quite “vocal” about not getting to spend time with me lately.

So the flashback stories were born! I hope you enjoy this quick, fun read about Kyle coming to work for the Bureau of Supernatural Relations.

20170227_192121As usual, I have included my release day picture with my – kickbutt, writer princess tiara securely placed on my noggin. Since I am releasing the stories as digital only, I had to improvise and hold up a picture of my cover for you all to see.

I hope you enjoy this story to help celebrate the last day of February and welcome March.

Thanks for being such wonderful readers!



Forget Me

prequel-ver-2-2Find out where it all began…

Nineteen-year-old Kyle McKinley is having a really bad day. She gets caught stealing, her boyfriend abandons her, and—oh yeah—apparently, vampires, demons, and other beasties actually exist.

What’s a girl to do?

Accept a job offer with a paranormal shadow-type agency…

This is the story of how Kyle’s world is turned upside down and she meets her teammates, vampire Jean Luc and demon Misha, for the first time. And as usual, there’s a mystery with a paranormal twist to solve, and Kyle learns about herself in the process.

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Prequel this!

yoga-241613_640.jpgTomorrow FORGET ME releases. It is the first story in my Mind Sweeper flashback story trilogy I will be releasing over the next three months. The story is a prequel – it looks back at the beginning of Kyle’s journey. How did she find out about paranormal to begin with?

As a reader, I often wonder why author’s write prequels. Why go back in time after books have already been established in the series? But then I started to read some of these prequels and they were wonderful. It was interesting to peek into the past with the knowledge of what had happened in the present to these characters.

As a writer, I totally get it. It is an opportunity to explore your characters in a different way-to provide some wonderful backstory to help readers learn more about your characters’ motivations.

So that’s why she does that… No wonder she doesn’t trust easily… etc., etc.

I also have a tendency to jump around when I write my books. A chapter at the end of the book might be written at the beginning of my “writerly process”. So the fact that I wrote these flashback stories after I have already written five books in the series doesn’t surprise me at all. My brain works in mysterious-circular ways.

I hope you all are looking forward to the stories! Prequels make sense to me, and if they can make gazillions on them in the Star Wars universe, then I can’t be far off the path, right?

Or look at it this way. Sometimes the best way to move forward is to go backwards.



Read All About It

bundle-1853667_640Over the past month, I have been working on the business side of writing. A necessity, but definitely not as exciting as the writing side of the business. Hopefully, by next week, I will be able to dive back into my stories.

And I’m soooo looking forward to it. The ideas have been percolating in my brain for some time now and they want to be free, free, free!

I’m hoping to dive into book three of my wedding planner series to find out what happens with…wait, I’m not going to give you any hints right now! I don’t know where things are going myself yet. And since I’m a pantser and not a plotter, things can change as I write the story.

But even if they do change, that’s part of my process and I will be writing again. And then you will be able to read all about it when book three is released!

And, of course, in the meantime you can snack on the three Mind Sweeper flashback stories that will be released over the next few months.

Stay tuned!