Cover Reveal – In Sickness and In Elf

Join in my cover reveal celebration! I have been so excited to share this cover. I love my Mind Sweeper covers, but THIS one rocks the house. Gabrielle Prendergast pulled out all the stops once again and delivered an AMAZING cover. And I am also releasing the blurb at the same time so you an find... Continue Reading →

Reflecting on Nationals

Last week my blog was about my conference hangover and how I was trying to reconnect with the real world. Now that my brain appears to be functioning again, I have had time this past week to reflect on my experience at RWA Nationals this year. And for me, I think that the 2015 Nationals... Continue Reading →

This Week’s First Blog…First Taste

It’s Friday and that means a new ‘First Post’ from seven of RWA’s RITA First Book Finalists! Today, Clara Kensie is hosting the first and I'm calling it 'First Taste'. It's the first page of each of our nominated books! Clara is giving away a copy of Run to You and there is also a... Continue Reading →

Good Things DO Still Come In The Mail

Are you intrigued by my blog title? I would be. Usually my mail contains bills, ads, magazines I didn't order and credit card applications (are there really THAT many credit card companies?). And since I was away this past weekend I was dreading opening my mailbox because I would have multiple days of junk mail... Continue Reading →

Oh Joy! To Edits We Go…

So if you follow me on Twitter and Facebook you already know that this past weekend I sent book 5 to my editor. Thank goodness! I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Now, the editing process can be compared to a lot of things... If it's going well, it makes... Continue Reading →

Fun, Frivolity and Firsts

As I hinted to in my blog earlier this week, I'm going to be having some fun over the next seven weeks with seven of the 2015 RWA RITA® Finalists for Best First Book. Each Friday one of us will post a spotlight of our nominated book and also each of us will tell you... Continue Reading →

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