The Psychology of Writing

Last year I started to write a book that I simply said was a fluke and I didn't want to tell you all what it was about in case I didn't finish it. But I finished it and also wrote a novella as well. They should both be coming out (fingers crossed) in May. So... Continue Reading →

Finding Ways to Escape

As you all know, lately I've been spending much of my writer's brain in my paranormal wedding planners world. And it's a great world to spend time in. But the other day I was talking to a writer friend about the seven year old demon twin characters who play a large part in my demon... Continue Reading →

Holiday Homestretch

December 23rd is here which means we are heading toward the end of the month which also means it's the homestretch for the holidays. Thank goodness. A couple weeks ago, I shared with you my holiday theme this year and even though I have also been posting ornaments from my writer tree on Facebook, Twitter... Continue Reading →

Cake Usurper

There is something to be said about tradition, even when it comes to our birthdays. Growing up, I can remember getting my favorite treat for my birthday. For years, my favorite birthday treat was a mocha ice cream pie from a Friendly's Restaurant in the neighboring town. I can remember when they stopped making that... Continue Reading →

Come Along on my “Framily” Vacation

People often talk about taking family vacations. Well, I'm going to talk instead about a FRIEND vacation. I just got back from a long holiday weekend at a lake house with dear friends that I made back in college. Eleven women, getting together to celebrate, well, us. When we get together each year, we are... Continue Reading →

When a Drink Isn’t JUST a Drink

Last week my brother came to town, and we went out to dinner. When the waiter came to take our order, my brother said that I wanted a shot of tequila and then another shot should come every ten minutes after that. (If you haven't figured it out yet, my brother is a bit of... Continue Reading →

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