What’s A Writer to Do When Fall Isn’t Fall

A few weeks ago, I posted about how excited I was that fall was near. As you know by now if you follow my posts, I love the leaves changing color and the smell of autumn in the air. Well, in my part of the world, the leaves are not changing like they normally do.... Continue Reading →

Heading into Fall and Writing

In my part of the world we are heading into Fall and cooler weather. As much as I'll miss the warmer weather (especially in January), I'm looking forward to my favorite season. I love less humidity and the leaves changing color and of course, Halloween. You know I would had to get that in there,... Continue Reading →

When a Writer Dreams of Being a Director

Hello my friends! I'm excited to let you know that DEMONS ARE FOREVER, book three in the Realm trilogy is now available for preorder! Yahoo! You can click HERE for more information. In the meantime, to celebrate all three brothers up for preorder, I have created a little video...yes, this writer has dreams of being... Continue Reading →

Lovin’ Summer

If you have ever seen the musical Grease, there is a great song called Summer Lovin' where we get to find out how Danny and Sandy first met. I'm going to take the liberty of switching the title around a bit to discuss this week's topic - Lovin' Summer. Where I live, we're in the... Continue Reading →


Years ago (actually decades ago) I can remember several commercials showing ketchup pouring oh so slowly out of the bottle as Carly Simon sang Anticipation. And that song has been playing repeatedly in my head today. Maybe it's because I am so excited that next Monday is COVER REVEAL day. And here is a little secret for... Continue Reading →

A Writer’s Version of a Face Lift

Have I intrigued you? Well, the sort of face lift I'm describing doesn't involve a plastic surgeon. For writers our platform needs to change as we grow and change as well. So I have been doing a little "tweaking"...hee hee. The first tweak was to my website. I changed it up a little bit, so... Continue Reading →

Release Week Recap!

It's hard to believe an entire week has passed since the release of FROM THIS FAE FORWARD, book 2 in my wedding planner series. But this past week was Biz-Z! First Halloween had to be celebrated! Had to be, because it's my favorite after all. My Bride of Frankenstein costume won first place at work!... Continue Reading →

Summer Writing

It's hard to believe that summer here in the US is quickly coming to an end. Normally, the wonderful weather distracts me from my writing path and I find it hard to hunker down and get work done. This year, I tried to appease my body and mind. How did I do it? I spent a... Continue Reading →

Fuzzy Time

This weekend, the weather turned cold. As in, turn the heat on and don the fuzzy robe and slippers. It always seems like the first couple weeks of cold weather are a real shock to my body. I almost feel like I need to acclimate myself again to Northeast Ohio weather. Which is ironic, since... Continue Reading →

Muted Autumn

Let me just say from the get-go that I am NOT complaining about the weather we have been experiencing this fall in NorthEast Ohio. It has been just right - warm during the day and cool at night - just my kind of weather. But one thing that is missing for me in my celebration... Continue Reading →

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