Eye Opener

Once again I am a day behind on my Monday blog, but this time I have an excuse…honest. Last night I went to the eye doctor and she dilated my pupils. Then I came home and sat in semi-darkness thinking that my eyes would go back to normal real soon. Yeah, not so much.

So there was no spending time on the computer last night. But of course, the experience got me thinking. The reason why I sat in the dark was because those pupils let in way too much light. An overload of information, if you will.

There are times when a writer is overloaded with information. For me it happens with ideas. Ideas can be sweet and simple, but they can also evolve into huge, complicated animals. And that’s when the overload can happen. It’s not like I only get ideas when I’m not writing a story. Nope. I can be smack dab in the middle of a story and ideas pepper my psyche.

Which means not letting them distract me from the manuscript I’m writing. So I’ve decided to keep a small journal where I can jot down these ideas for another day. Some may never leave the confines of those lined pages, but others will grow into characters and stories that I’ll share with you all.

Stay tuned.