Happy Halloween!

I know, I know my friends...it's been awhile since I have posted, but I couldn't let my favorite holiday go by without sharing this year's costume and to tell you that I am working on a new series that will hopefully be coming out soon! It's been a busy year for me and trying to... Continue Reading →

Halloween Celebrated in Style

As promised I am sharing this year's costume with you. So what do you think? I actually think it turned out really cute this year (if I do say so myself). And since I didn't have a party this year, I shared the costume with my neighbors and sent all kinds of pics to my... Continue Reading →

Celebrating AE Jones Style

So we just celebrated Halloween, aka my favorite holiday, and I want to share my costume this year. Even though I didn't get to wear it at the office this year, I did walk around and show my neighbors. They're used to seeing me each year in my Halloween finest! So what do you think?... Continue Reading →

Halloween Costume Time!

As promised, I am sharing my Halloween costume! This year, I decided to spend time in the Peanuts universe. And of course, Lucy was my obvious choice. This pic shows Lucy getting ready to see patients. The skits with Lucy offering advice are some of my favorite parts of the TV shows. There is something... Continue Reading →

Halloween – Come Party With Me!

In two short days my favorite holiday will be upon us! Halloween. Are you shocked? I wouldn't think so since I spend a large amount of time with supernatural - in my head of course... Last week, I had a Halloween celebration for my co-workers. We had yummy food and a blood-thirsty game of Halloween... Continue Reading →

A Paranormal Writer’s Halloween

Yes, I know. I didn't write my Monday blog yesterday. But since Halloween was today, I decided to hold off until one of my FAVORITE days. As many of you who have been following me for awhile know, I am in love with Halloween. Costumes, parties, decorations...you name it...and I'm doing it. Each year I... Continue Reading →

Release Week Recap!

It's hard to believe an entire week has passed since the release of FROM THIS FAE FORWARD, book 2 in my wedding planner series. But this past week was Biz-Z! First Halloween had to be celebrated! Had to be, because it's my favorite after all. My Bride of Frankenstein costume won first place at work!... Continue Reading →

Stories Need a Little Surprise

On Friday, I wore my Halloween costume to work...check it out! I keep my costume a secret until dress-up day each year, much to the irritation of my coworkers who try to wheedle the truth out of me. I do let my co-workers guess what I'll be wearing and have told them that if they... Continue Reading →

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