FOR WITCH OR FOR POORER Release Day! Celebrate with Me!

It’s release day! It’s release day! It’s release day! You’d think I would get tired of these, right? Nope. The whole reason I write is to get the stories that crowd my brain out into the world to share with you. There is something so special about bringing these characters to life.

FOR WITCH OR FOR POORER is the fifth book in my Wedding Planner Series. And in this story we spend time with resident geek and witch, Giz. But he has some secrets he’s hiding from his friends and that usually comes back to bite you, right?

And then there is Maeve. Such an interesting character. All my characters grow as part of their story, but she is special. If you read about her in FOR BETTER OR FOR WOLF I think you’ll be happy to see her get her happy ever after!

As usual I donned my kickbutt writer princess tiara to celebrate. This time I am sharing not one, but TWO pics with you. I thought it was appropriate since the cover has kitties on it. Check out my girl cat. She is looking quite regal…


Twisty-Turny Cover Journey

Last week, I revealed the cover of FOR WITCH OR FOR POORER, book 5 in my wedding planner series. And I thought it would be fun to share with you the twisty-turny journey I went on to get it to you.

Actually, it wasn’t just me on the journey. Melissa Stevens my cover artist from the Illustrated Author, came along for the ride. But let’s back up to the beginning. What you might not realize is that Melissa and I worked on all six covers for the series back in 2017. The first three books in the series had been written and when we finished those covers, I was so jazzed at the amazing job Melissa did that I asked her if she wanted to work on the final three covers.

She agreed, and we moved forward with them. The fourth book, FOR BETTER OR FOR WOLF, that is releasing on September 16th, came next. I already knew who the hero and heroine were and where I thought that story was going to go, so we moved forward and created the fun cover with the shadow of the wolf on the couch. Hee, hee – I still get a kick out of that!

I also knew who my hero and heroine were for book six, so we created that cover as well. Five down, one to go, right? Well…the WITCH cover was a harder nut to crack. I knew who the hero was but was not too sure of the heroine or where I was going to go with that book. So we worked on that cover and worked on that cover and (you guessed it) worked on that cover until we finished it.

Witch4 Cauldron.jpg

Or so we thought.

Flash forward to 2019. I finished writing the WITCH book and knew that the cover just wasn’t right. The heroine was wrong (which is a little funny since she is a cartoon after all). But we found a new heroine for the cover. And even though the fish bones in the background were cute and a salute to the cats, they just weren’t right either. So we toyed with the whole idea of a bubbling cauldron and bubbles were added in the background. And in a flash of creative brilliance, Melissa added them to the top of the cauldron and voila!

A cover that worked for the story!

Witch Ebook Final new

So why spend so much time on a cover? Simple. The cover draws the reader in. It is one of the biggest selling points to a book in this digital age. And with my books, whether it comes to the story or the cover, I follow my instincts. And they told me the cover wasn’t done yet. So I listened and instead of telling me I was crazy, Melissa came along on the ride with me and made the cover what it needed to be!


Another Cover Reveal!

Forgive me for posting my weekly blog a day late, my friends. But I think it was worth the wait and I hope you do too!

A few weeks ago, I shared my cover of FOR BETTER OR FOR WOLF, the fourth book in my wedding planner series that is releasing on September 16th. Today I am actually going to share the next cover in the series! FOR WITCH OR FOR POOR is releasing on October 14th and is now available for preorder as well.

Check out the cover and blurb below…

Releases October 14th! Preorder:   AMAZON   iBOOKS    B&N    KOBO

For Witch or For Poorer – Book 5 in the Paranormal Wedding Planner Series!

Witch Ebook Final new.jpg

When magic isn’t so magical.

A lonely wolf. Maeve Callahan has never had a true family to call her own. Recently adopted into the    West Coast pack, she will do anything to stop her past from destroying her newly found brothers. Unfortunately, the evil wolf who raised her and a vengeful coven have other plans. When a warlock is called in to help, Maeve’s instant attraction to him couldn’t be worse timing.

A power-shy warlock. Giz Kelly does not cast spells. Period. His father taught him the hard way that magic can destroy the people you love. But when the supernatural team he works for gets called in to help the pack, he finds himself breaking his vow in order to protect Maeve.

When the coven attacks and lives are at stake, can Maeve and Giz embrace their powers to save the pack and each other? And in doing so realize that love can be the greatest magic of all?

So what do you think???? I love the kitties myself 🙂

Just One More Chapter

I thought I would share my new T shirt with you. What do you think? Obviously, any avid reader would give a thumbs up to the idea of “Just One More Chapter” and I found it especially cute since it had a cat with glasses on it. How can you go wrong with a bespectacled kitty cat?

But what makes this saying even more appropriate for me is that I am in the midst of editing the next book in my paranormal wedding planner series. And so I forge ahead with each chapter to work through the notes/edits my wonderful editor sent me.

Edits can range from simple grammatical issues to having to rework a scene. I am plowing through all the changes I need to make. And of course there is also the clean up that can drive a writer to distraction. For example…how many times can you have your characters smile? or frown? nod? or shake their head? Apparently a LOT. Which means going through the manuscript and finding different ways to express things (like the dreaded dialogue tags).

But I move forward so I can share the story. I am not the only one who wants me to complete JUST ONE MORE CHAPTER before I call it a night…


Tiara Wars

Last week was the release of the latest in my paranormal wedding planner series, TO HAVE AND TO HOWL. If you saw my blog last week, you also saw that my release day tiara picture included my boy cat. He insisted that he wanted to be in the pics, or so I thought at the time…

If you missed last week’s blog and want to see those pics, feel free to click HERE.

So after I posted my blog, I realized that being part of the picture was NOT what boy cat was after. What he really wanted was the tiara.

A battle ensued shortly after that, and below, you can see the picture of who came out as the victor of the tiara wars! After his victory, he apparently was tuckered out from the battle and needed to take a catnap as shown in pic two!

20171113_115202     20171113_115106.jpg

Both Prince Dillon and I want to thank you for spreading the news about my newest release. I hope you are enjoying the story!



Yay!!! It is finally here. TO HAVE AND TO HOWL is heading out into the world. I am so excited to share the next book in this fun series with you.

The book has some twists and turns in it, which made it fun to write. Julia is an amazing heroine because she is trying to allow her heart to open again to the possibility of love. And Jack, well he is a great hero. I usually have a crush on all the heroes I write, but there is something special about Jack. And of course, his twin Connor plays a huge role in this book too. The brothers may look alike, but boy, do they have different personalities!

As usual, I am spending time celebrating my newest release as a kickbutt writer princess should – with my tiara securely perched on my head! Here is my newest release day pick…but I have to warn you that this is what happens when you have cats and you try to take a selfie!!

20171113_101605   20171113_101509

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Summer Loving


Last night I was working on my work in progress and I heard a scream. It was a cat screaming at the top of their lungs and if you’ve ever heard one before, you know how spooky it can be. The hairs stood up on the back of my neck and I ran into my living room thinking that one of my two cats had gotten hurt or caught on something.

I found my girl cat with her nose pressed against the sliding glass door looking out on my back patio. On the patio, nose pressed to the glass looking into my living room, was another cat. Who was screaming.

I tapped on the glass to try to get it to go away and it simply sat there staring at my girl cat. I closed the curtains which didn’t stop girl cat from peeking outside when I wasn’t looking (she is a flirt at heart). Then when I looked out to see what was happening, the cat on the patio rolled over and showed my cat it’s belly which caused my cat to meow at him.

And the more I watched these two interact, the more it made me think of Romeo and Juliet. Now, you may wonder how I made that leap? Well, keep in mind that I was in the middle of writing a scene in my romance novel when this happened, and Romeo (outside cat) had finally stopping howling at Juliet (inside cat). Instead, he made low noises in his throat. (Think balcony soliloquy).

What light through yonder window breaks…

And for a little while the cats looking longingly through the window at each other until I finally shooed Romeo away. I felt bad about it, but these two were never destined to be together (plus Juliet has been fixed so, Romeo needed to move on to the next villa).

It was a fun distraction (once Romeo stopped yowling) and made me think of young love in the summertime. How fast and hot a relationship can burn until summer fades away making room for fall. And it gave me some fodder to think about for my own stories…


A Cat’s Life


If you’ve read my work, you know that I usually have cats in my stories. Some play secondary parts and some…not so secondary. I have always had a fascination with cats. I think it’s because in some respects I’m jealous of them.

I imagine what it would be like to be a cat…

  • I can lay down wherever and whenever I want (just plop down and squeeze my eyes shut)
  • I can ignore you (or pretend to ignore you) when I don’t like what you’re saying
  • I can be haughty when I want to be
  • I can be affectionate when I want to be
  • I can have people offer excuses for me…”I don’t know what to say other than cats don’t listen”
  • I can get away with attitude or what I like to call cattitude
  • I can have someone take care of me while I lounge around
  • I can do yoga stretches like a yogi master
  • I can jump the equivalent of a three story building in a single bound (look out Superman)
  • I can meow until I get my way

Yep, a cat’s life is pretty sweet. Plus cats are all about personality. Maybe that’s why I’m so attracted to them. It’s like having a built in character study with fur in your own living room. And writers are all about good characters.

So tonight, I’m going to pat my two kitties on the head and thank them for inspiring me…maybe they’ll appreciate it, or then again, maybe they won’t. With cats it’s all about mood.

The Cat Takes Over

20161212_205129It’s time for my weekly blog, but as I try to write my words of (somewhat) wisdom, I am interrupted, repeatedly, by my boy cat.

He has decided-as he often does-that he wants me to pay attention to him. First he sits next to me at the counter, then he gets on my lap, and when that doesn’t stop me from typing, he lays between my arms in front of the keyboard and bumps his head against my hands to pet him.

Not too subtle, but with a face like his, he gets away with a lot. So I deleted the blog I was working on tonight and decided to dedicate it to Dillon, aka spoiled rotten cat. He doesn’t care that I have a blog to write or a manuscript deadline to meet. He lives in the moment.

He doesn’t let the holidays or the list of ‘must-dos’ stress him out. And THAT is actually something I can learn from my cat. With all the craziness and stresses (real and imagined) we place on ourselves, it’s good to take a break and pay attention to ME.

If I don’t take care of me, I won’t be able to write the stories that make me happy and resonate with my readers. So today, my cat took over my blog. He might not have typed it himself…if he could I would be a VERY. RICH. WOMAN. But, he gave me my subject tonight.

Live in the moment.

Take a breath, pet your cat (or dog, or bird, or…) and find time to take care of yourself.



Why my Cats are Mad at Me

If you have been following my posts for a while, you know that I am in the midst of content edits. These edits are the ones where I dive in and:

  • revise scenes – this could mean tweaking a few lines (easy), or paragraphs (not so easy), or pages (are you kidding me?)
  • create new scenes – this is when I realize I cheated the readers out of something they need or my changes in other scenes necessitate further explanation
  • trash scenes – tears wiped away as I hit the delete key

As you can imagine, this takes a lot of concentration. So my cats have been feeling a bit out of sorts with me. Over the weekend, I was working away and I got this tingling along my neck that someone was watching me. I turned and this is what I saw…


Yep, I think my cats were feeling a bit neglected.Can you tell they’re not shy voicing their opinions?

But I forged ahead and kept working. And so you don’t think I’m a total ogre, I’ll let you know that both sat on my lap later that night and got some attention. I don’t want them to feel neglected and to be honest I’m a bit scared of them!

I mean, look at those glares…