Come Celebrate A Holiday Shopping Extravaganza

So the craziness of the holidays has commenced…Black Friday, Cyber Monday that both somehow last way longer than the day of the week they are named after. So as I’ve been jumping from store to store (both brick & mortar and internet stores) I thought to myself…

“Hey self, you should do your own sale. Don’t your readers deserve that?”

And the answer is yes you do. Now to figure out what to call it…Black-Cyber-Every-Day-of-the-Week?

So I am having a sale for you! IN SICKNESS AND IN ELF the first book in my paranormal wedding planner series is just 99 cents for a limited time! If you’re looking for a book to escape the holiday hustle with – this is the one for you!

Recipe for a great read: Take a wedding…add fangs, fur, and fairy dust and stir!

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In Sickness Final Ebook (3)

Family Time

Happy Monday, my friends! You may have noticed last Monday that I didn’t post a blog. I was away for Memorial Day weekend with my family. It was so wonderful to reconnect and spend time with everyone. It seems like we go a million miles an hour now on planet earth which leaves us little time to celebrate each other. But I did get some quality time with my family and it was GOOD.

This past weekend I spent time with my imaginary family; three crazy-sexy demon brothers, an over-the-top father, a mischievous grandmother, and an opinionated adopted sister. You guessed it, I was reading through the demon trilogy books in preparation for edits.

Whew – what a crazy ride that was. Three books in two days, making sure they flowed together and made sense. As much as Russian demons who live in Cleveland can make sense that is. But these books are very much about family. Let’s face it. Most people don’t fall in love with one person and only interact with them. Oh no, family is definitely involved. And in this trilogy, family is play a HUGE role in the relationships. They provide angst, and humor, and frustration, and support. And they add layers to the story, and giggles, we can’t forget those!

So I got to spend time with my imaginary family this weekend and it was GOOD too.

Dream a Little Dream

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m a dreamer. I can’t remember a time where my imagination didn’t have me hatching stories in my head. It started as a child, reading stories and imagining what other things could happen to the characters. Then as I grew it morphed into TV shows and movies. I often wonder “what if”. What if the 90 minute movie continued on? What if the main character in my favorite show did this instead of what happened in the episode I just watched?

A lot of people are dreamers, what makes me different is that I’ve decided to write them down. Take the imagination that is churning most of the time in my head and give it a healthy outlet through my stories and characters. Characters that at certain moments I actually hear in my head.

Right now, with writing in Misha’s world, I am hearing a lot of Russian accents and belly laughs. In the very least my imagination provides comic relief.

There’s something necessary about dreaming of worlds were good defeats evil and love triumphs. Why not share those dreams with others?

Yep, I’m a dreamer. And I don’t think that will change anytime soon.

Calendar Me This

It’s almost February and I was quickly losing sight of a goal I had set for myself this year. My plan was to map out 2018 as best I could concerning my writing. How exactly to do it?

A giant, erasable calendar, of course!

In that way, I can scope out my plans for the year and look at them hanging from my wall in all it’s technicolor glory. And while my hope is I can stick to the plan, the calendar is erasable, so it allows me some flexibility.

Flexibility is a very important thing to a writer. Nothing ever goes exactly to plan. Whether it’s the writing of the story – the plot goes a new way, the character evolves into something unexpected- or the process to get that book out there to readers – edits, proofs, formatting – something will not follow the normal path. So you learn to roll with the punches, but at the same time, if you don’t plan at least a little bit, you won’t ever get to point B.

I’ve decided that I want to plan for writing in 2018! Better planning – leads to bigger successes. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Fast Talker Benefits

It’s actually working, my friends! Last summer I shared in a blog that I had purchased dictation software to hopefully increase my productivity. When I purchased it, I was in the middle of finishing my third wedding planner novel. Since I was on a deadline, I couldn’t take the time to truly delve into using the software.

Now I am working on the Misha book and I pulled out the headset to give it another try. Guess what? I like it! And I seem to be “writing” more words, which for a writer is a WONDERFUL thing. So, I’m going to keep speaking away, and see where the story takes me! If it does increase my word count, maybe I can actually get books done a bit faster.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. As much as you want to read the next story in my two series, I want to write it. I have so many ideas in my head and not enough hours in the day to get them down. Now? Who knows…I am a VERY FAST TALKER!


Cover Reveal Times Three!

As promised, my paranormal wedding planner series is getting new covers! Yay! And in true “Ta-Da Fashion” I am showing you all three at once, including my cover for TO HAVE AND TO HOWL which will release on November 13th, but can be ordered now! So check it out all out below and tell me what you think of the new covers and the new book!!!

And if that isn’t enough fun for you, for a limited time, the first book in the series, IN SICKNESS AND IN ELF is on sale for 99 cents! So if you haven’t tried this series, give it a whirl. And if you can do me a favor and let your friends and family know about my series, that would really help a writer out 🙂

Just so you know…the new covers are on the digital books. The print covers will be changed in the next couple of weeks!

In Sickness Final Ebook (3)

In Sickness and In Elf – on sale 99 cents!

Take one wedding. Add fangs, fur, and fairy-dust…Stir.

A wedding phobic in a family of wedding planners? Alex Bennett thought her life was complicated enough, until she discovered their clients aren’t exactly normal. Paranormal exist, and when their weddings are sabotaged, Alex will do anything to save the business, including working with an overbearingly sexy investigator with secrets of his own…

Special Note: If you already own this book, please note that only the cover has changed.

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From This Fae ForwardFrom Fae Final Ebook.jpg

What if Romeo and Juliet were paranormal…

Exiled from her woodland nymph clan, Sheila Hampton works as an exercise instructor for stressed-out paranormal brides. Until her father tries to force her to marry as part of a political power play. Her unlikely hero? Charlie Tucker, a sexy sea nymph and mortal enemy who poses as her fiancé and helps her plan the biggest fake wedding of the century. She should hate him, she really should…

Special Note: If you already own this book, please note that only the cover has changed.

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And…drum roll please….Introducing TO HAVE AND TO HOWL

To Have Final EbookLaw means following the rules. Love means breaking them.

Julia Cole is a lawyer on a mission. After three long years, her husband’s murderers have been convicted. Until their leader breaks out of magically-strengthened, impossible-to-break-handcuffs in the courtroom, that is. Someone is helping them. And that someone is threatening Julia. But she will not back down from them or the man tasked to protect her…a man who scrambles her long-buried emotions.

Jack Dawson is a werewolf with a secret. One that could change his life forever. But his problems have to take a back seat while he protects Julia. He can’t afford to let down his guard—against the evil forces threatening Julia, against his growing feelings for her, fighting to be heard, and against his secret—which could destroy everything.

Can Julia and Jack finally let go of their pasts and begin a new happy ever after together?

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Let’s Have Some Fun

It’s time to make some noise, my friends! I’ve been hinting about what is coming with my wedding planner series, but now I’m going to lay out the plan over the next few weeks just for you.

This week, I will be doing a cover reveal times three! Not only will I be sharing the new covers for book 1 and book 2 of my series, but you will also get to see the cover and blurb for TO HAVE AND TO HOWL (and preorder the book if you are so inclined 🙂 )

As part of the celebration, I’m putting IN SICKNESS AND IN ELF, book 1 of the series on sale for a limited time at 99 cents.

I’ll also share a book trailer with you and some fun video tips about paranormal law, since the heroine in my new release is a lawyer.

All this is leading up to TO HAVE AND TO HOWL’s release on November 13th.

Yee-haa! Are you ready for some fun? I sure am!

Summer Desperation


I can feel the anxiety in the air. I call it summer desperation. The last few weeks before the glorious season comes to an end and we head into fall. With these last days, there is a need to eat fresh foods, sit in the sun, walk barefoot in the grass, drive with the top down, swim, boat, camp, grill outside, and get in those last minute summer reads!

All the fun things that we enjoy in the freedom of the warm season – at least for those of us who have cold winters!

As much as I love the fall, there is something bittersweet about these last weeks of summer. As if our play days are coming to an end whether we want them to or not. Of course, for writers, we can delve into worlds where the sun is shining warmly. I have found that the weather in my books often reflect the mood of the scene I’m creating.

One scene that stick out to me in particular is in Sentinel Lost, the 5th book in my Mind Sweeper series. Kyle must face something painful, that she prayed she never would again, and as she runs outside, the rain comes down, cold and wet as if Mother Nature cried along with her. It just fit with the mood.

So as I walk barefoot outside and lean back absorbing the sun on my face, I know that I can visit summer anytime I want in my writing. And I’ll remember that when the air outside fills with frost.

What about you? Can you think of stories where weather plays a part in the story?

The Power of Word of Mouth

smile-191626_640A cute little marketing story to share with you…

Today I got a voicemail from my Dentist’s Office. Normally I get reminder calls before my cleanings, but I knew that I didn’t have one coming up anytime soon, so I was a little confused. Then I listened to the message…

The dental assistant called me. One of the patients she spoke to that day told her that she likes to read paranormal. The assistant thought of me immediately and told her that I write paranormal, but she couldn’t remember my pen name. So a quick call was made to ask me what my pen name was so that she could share it with her patient!

How wonderful it that! Word of mouth is a powerful tool (and yes, I know there’s pun potential there…dentist…mouth. Can’t help myself sometimes!)

Having people talk about your writing with others is a gift that I can never thank you all enough for.

So thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you…well, you get the idea 🙂


Who is my Audience?

grandstand-330930_640Lately, I’ve been spending time thinking about my readers. As a writer, that is something I should do more often than not, because as I write my stories, I have to like what I create for myself, but I also need to write something that I hope my readers like as well. If I don’t, no one will read my stories and that is a writer’s biggest fear. Or it’s my fear, anyway.

When I look at my novels, I think about what comes into play and ultimately what my audience likes to read. My stories have humor, mystery, romance, and sarcasm, mashed together in a supernatural blender.

But ultimately the books circle around a recurring theme. My characters are on a search for self. Their journey includes various challenges, but the crux is about gaining confidence in yourself in order to trust the people. Without trust there is no chance for relationships or love.

Which means my audience likes funny, angsty, challenging mysteries with heart and growth. You guys are pretty sophisticated!!

So there is a little bit of everything in my stories. If you’re a current reader, thank you for your amazing support. If you’re new to my books and are considering joining audience AE then I just want to say…

Welcome and enjoy the show!