Book Sale to Celebrate My Upcoming Release

Hello all! In one week, FOR BETTER OR FOR WOLF will release. I can't wait for you all to read Connor's story. Connor is one of the werewolf twins and he is such a fun character, I think you will really enjoy him. And Olivia is such a great foil for him! With 7 days... Continue Reading →

Spring has Sprung! Time for a Book Sale!

Spring is finally, FINALLY in the air where I live. And I want to celebrate. How does an author celebrate sunshine, green grass, and flowers? With a book sale, of course! And what better book to put on sale than FROM THIS FAE FORWARD. I mean, look at the cover below - it screams spring!... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Teaser and Book Sale

Things are getting interesting for Kyle in 'teaserland' - check it out! Sentinel Lost releases September 21st!   And don't forget, Mind Sweeper is 99 cents - take a gander at this cool write up on Awesome Romance Novels by clicking HERE      

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