Release Day: Demons Are A Girl’s Best Friend

It’s release day, it’s release day! DEMONS ARE A GIRL’S BEST FRIEND is available for your reading pleasure.

I am so happy to celebrate with you and Aleksei today. And of course, Misha plays a part as well in the story (as does Kyle – she wouldn’t have it any other way). Plus we finally get to meet baby brother, Sergei too. Which makes sense after all since in less than a month, his book will be coming out as well!

But enough about Sergei. This is Aleksei’s day and he is expecting me to spread the word. He tried to give me a project plan for release day, but I told him I had it under control! I did agree to color-coordinate my outfit with his amazing cover. There needs to be compromise in a relationship, right?

As usual, here is my release day tiara pic.


Aleskei is looking quite dapper if I do say so myself. See that little smirk on his face? He’s obviously up to something, but then, when isn’t Aleksei up to something?

Thanks for joining the celebration today, we appreciate it!

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Release Day: Demons Will Be Demons

Hallelujah, my friends! The day has come where Misha’s story heads out into the world. Today is the release day for DEMONS WILL BE DEMONS!

Misha and I want to welcome you to our celebration. It includes food (for Misha), tiaras (for me) and bubbly (for both us)!

Those of you who have been along for the new release day celebrations in the past know that I take a tiara pick to celebrate my kickbutt writer princess status. And since I can’t disappoint my readers, I have attached the pic!


In addition to my tiara pic, I spent this past weekend at a writer’s conference where two of my dearest writer friends – Sonali Dev and Miranda Liasson – agreed to celebrate in true tiara style. Check us out below!

sonali & MJ

Miranda insisted on holding Misha, since he is one of her book boyfriends! But all three of the brothers insisted in being in the picture!

I hope you are as excited as I am about the release. Feel free to crack open a bottle of bubbly and join the celebration with us!!

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Mind Sweeper Release Day!

Wow, I bet you never thought we would get to this day, right? Well, we made it! It is Mind Sweeper’s birthday and how am I celebrating? Right now, I am typing this post, eating yogurt and wearing a tiara. Yes, you read that right, a tiara. On this auspicious occasion I spared no expense and went to the dollar store and bought myself a tiara and wand (they came in a two for one pack, so why not?). And I did this because it IS a special day even if most of it will be spent sitting in front of my laptop with my cat on my lap. That is how I write most of the time, so it makes sense that I will also spend today doing the same thing!

But I also have some really fun things happening today that you should check out as well. I am on two great blog sites!

Check out my interview on Reading Frenzy by clicking HERE

I am also on Romance Junkies today talking about why a mystery lover like myself writes romance. Come read all about it HERE

And tonight from 8-9 pm EST I will be having a Twitter party to celebrate all things Mind Sweeper. You can follow along by searching on #mindsweeper. You can also ask questions too, just make sure to use #mindsweeper in your tweet and I will see it. There will be other authors participating AND there will be GIVEAWAYS!

So before I end this, I thought I would share the selfie I took so that I could immortalize my tiara and wand celebration. Thanks for celebrating today with me!