An Author Celebrating with Pictures…

It's hard to believe it has already been a month since TILL DEMON DO US PART was released. For me, I'm still celebrating. Why not? Writing a book is an act of patience, love, exasperation, time, get the idea. So still enjoying it a month later is not too much of a stretch. So... Continue Reading →

Excerpt – Till Demon Do Us Part

In one week, Till Demon Do Us Part releases. Yay! So I thought it made sense to share an excerpt with you. A teaser to see what is going to happen in the final book of the series. So, here goes... Chapter 1 McHenry took a deep breath as he stood back and used his... Continue Reading →

Cover Reveal: Till Demon Do Us Part

I know, I know, it's Wednesday and I missed my Monday blog, but I think you'll forgive me since I'm sharing my cover and blurb for Till Demon Do Us Part! It's almost time to release the final book in this series. Just in time for Halloween, of course! PreOrder: Amazon iTunes Kobo Love is... Continue Reading →

A Writer’s Next Step

I am in the middle of second edits and beginning to prepare for my release in October. It's hard to believe that my sixth and final paranormal wedding planner book will be in readers' hands soon. And with that comes a momentous occasion - at least for me. I need to decide what I want... Continue Reading →

Stuck in the Middle

It doesn't matter how long you've been telling stories, sometimes the writing path is not a straight line. Case in point - my current story has been a slow go lately. I've been struggling with where to go next. This weekend I took a step back - a big step back actually and started reading... Continue Reading →

Inspiration Can Be Hard Work

Inspiration can be a writer's true friend and constant enemy. Obviously, a writer needs to get that first spark of idea to start their story, but inspiration also plays a part in the entire process. If not for inspiration, the writer can't continue to create - whether it is their characters, plot, scene, name... Continue Reading →

The Cats are Taking Over

It's winter in my neck of the woods and since I'm not an outdoorsy type of person, I am snuggling up with my bathrobe and a book inside my house in the evenings. Or should I say I'm trying to snuggle, but I'm running into some difficulties. Boy cat and girl cat have decided to... Continue Reading →

Emerging from Writer Hibernation

Now that I'm done with rereading my paranormal wedding planner series there are no more excuses. It's time for me to start writing the final book. So I am coming out of hibernation (even though it is really cold here) to dig into McHenry's story. The good news is that I wrote some this weekend... Continue Reading →

Perfection is Not Complicated

This past weekend was perfect for me. Why? I didn't go anywhere elaborate, or do anything exciting. Instead I spent it sitting on my father's porch. He has a great porch with rocking chairs, and a swing, and even a picnic table on it so you can do whatever you would like while relaxing and... Continue Reading →

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