Heading into Fall and Writing

In my part of the world we are heading into Fall and cooler weather. As much as I'll miss the warmer weather (especially in January), I'm looking forward to my favorite season. I love less humidity and the leaves changing color and of course, Halloween. You know I would had to get that in there,... Continue Reading →

May the Muse Be With You

A couple weeks ago I wrote a blog about new ideas for new stories. Well, I'm taking one of the ideas I had then and I am delving into it. I'm excited about it and so far I'm not having trouble working on the next scene each night. To me, that's progress. As a writer... Continue Reading →

New Ideas Mean New Stories?

I've been trying to come up with a new idea for a book for quite some time now. I forgot how hard it is to start off a new series from scratch, but since I finished my demon series this year, it's time for something new. Actually, let me rephrase that - coming up with... Continue Reading →

Celebrate Book Lover’s Day

I was trying to think of a blog subject to write about, and I saw that today is Book Lover's Day. How can an author not point that out? My mother was a book lover and she passed on the love of story to me right from the beginning. Book love turned into writing love... Continue Reading →

Writers Keeping in Touch

Over the past year, I've missed going to writer conferences and seeing my fellow authors. There's something energizing about being with a group of writers and spending time together. It helps to recharge the creative juices. But we've found a way to persevere by scheduling monthly on line calls. I'm actually 'seeing' my writer friends... Continue Reading →

Time To Clean House – Literally

Twice a year I have this urge to clean house. I always do a purging of unnecessary items in December since it is the end of the year and I feel a need to prepare for a new beginning. But the other time strikes me at the strangest time and usually doesn't stop until I... Continue Reading →

Release Day aka Tiara Time!

Today DEMONS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN releases. So it's time to don my kickbutt writer princess tiara and celebrate! I love this story, especially giving Boris a second chance at love. And I really love writing a story where the hero and heroine have actually lived for a bit. Love isn't just for the... Continue Reading →

Excerpt Time!

In one week, DEMONS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN will release. I'm so excited to share Boris's story with you. So I thought I would tease you with an excerpt of the book to see what you think. Here goes... Buy:  Amazon  |  iBooks  |  Nook  |  Kobo Chapter 1 Boris Chesnokov was a demon with a clan to run. And as... Continue Reading →


It's time to celebrate summer with a new book! And I plan to deliver! DEMONS IN THE ROUGH released today. This is the fourth book in the Realm series but it can be read as a standalone. As usual, I am wearing my kickbutt writer princess tiara to celebrate the day. Since I wasn't planning... Continue Reading →

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