A Writer’s Battle With Mother Nature

My last post was about begging winter to go away because it was putting me in a writerly funk, and apparently I made some power-to-be mad, since we’re still having bad weather in my part of the world. Snow should not be allowed in April, at least in my humble opinion, but what do I know…right Mother Nature?

I’m writing this post as rain pours outside my window – but you would point out that it’s not snow…right Mother Nature?

Lately my writing has been as unpredictable as the weather. So I need to keep moving forward through rain, sleet, snow -now I’m comparing myself to the postal service – and get words to page.

I did write a scene the other day that had me laughing, so that was a pleasant change of pace. And I have to remind myself, it’s about the scene and the characters and helping them tell their story to readers that is the important part of writing.

So it may keep snowing or raining, but I also need to keep writing regardless…right Mother Nature?


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