Winter, Winter Go Away

You would think as a writer that I would like winter. It would allow me to hide away and write. Well, not this year. We have had an extremely harsh winter in my area of the world and it has been dragging me down. And mood impacts writing. So I’m officially writing this post as a mental ‘butt-kicking’ to my writerly self. I need to stop letting the weather get to me and start writing again. Heck, I could be immersing myself in scenes of sandy Mediterranean beaches instead of dwelling on the foot of snow sitting outside my window.

I’ve found that if I write stuff down and share it with you all, it inspires me to deliver. So I’m going to write something this week, dang it!

Just sharing this is a step in the right direction since I haven’t been keeping up with these posts either…

So keep me honest, my friends! I’m going to write, my characters (and I hope you) are demanding it.


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